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Made in collaboration with Philips, a pioneer of single-serve coffee machines, the new L'OR Barista Sublime has useful features not normally associated with pod coffee machines. This type of machine is a popular choice and is often found in a number of coffee machine roundups (opens in a new tab) as it is highly regarded for its ease of use and delicious results.

Launched in August 2022, L'OR Barista Sublime was created in collaboration with designer Khodi Feiz. It has a unique double spout design, which allows you to brew two drinks at the same time, and accepts the new exclusive L'OR Barista XXL capsules, which hold twice as many smaller capsules. The new coffee machine is also compatible with L'OR espresso capsules and most Nespresso Original capsules, so it could now also hold its own against some of the best Nespresso machines.

Fortunately, L'OR capsules are available in most supermarkets. A team of coffee artists creates each L'OR blend, making sure only the best beans are harvested for a quality cup of coffee. The OR has also partnered with a capsule recycling service to make it easy to recycle your capsules. We did not receive Podback bags with our review unit, but the L'OR website claims that it will.

The coffee machine comes with nine sample pods, which is enough to get you started; However, we would have appreciated some more decaf options. At around €100 for the pack, L'OR Barista Sublime isn't too expensive for those who want to start brewing cafeteria-style coffee at home. With fewer, if any, trips to the coffee shop, you'll get your money back very quickly and it took a lot less effort than we thought to make our perfect cup of coffee with this machine.

L'OR Barista Sublime coffee maker with sample capsules

(Image credit: Future/Jennifer Oksien)

Philips L'OR Barista Sublime price and availability

  • List Price €104 / AU€159

The Philips L'OR Barista Sublime is an affordable coffee pod machine, compatible with the new L'OR Barista XXL pods, L'OR espresso pods and a range of coffee pods from alternative brands, including Nespresso.

In the UK it is available to buy at (Opens in a new tab), Amazon (Opens in a new tab), (Opens in a new tab) and Argos (Opens in a new tab). new tab) in a new tab). And in Australia, we found it available to buy from Home Appliances Online (opens in a new tab), though it's currently out of stock. It is currently not available in the United States.

Philips L'OR Barista Sublime Design

  • Compact
  • Removable drip tray and water reservoir for easy cleaning
  • Double spout, so two drinks can be made at the same time.

Taking the Philips L'OR Barista Sublime out of its box, we were surprised by how light and compact it was. Measuring 4,3 x 5,11 x 15,7 inches / 11 x 13 x 40 cm (H x W x D) and weighing 7,38 lbs / 3,35 kg, it comes fully assembled, including the Removable drip tray was in-situ, so it's virtually ready to use right out of the box. .

Removable drip tray and 27,05 fl.oz/ 0,8 liter water reservoir are dishwasher safe; however, they are just as easy to clean under running water.

Removing the drip tray gives access to the tray into which the used capsules fall. We found that this container can comfortably hold a dozen pods, so depending on how many cups of coffee you drink, you'll need to empty it every day or two.

One of the most outstanding features of L'OR Barista Sublime is the double spout. This means that we were able to make two drinks at the same time with the XXL double capsules. We haven't come across many, if any, pod coffee machines with such a design feature.

L'OR Barista Sublime side view on kitchen counter

(Image credit: future)

Philips L'OR Barista Sublime Performance

  • Three configurations to choose from
  • Create a beautiful cream.
  • Compatible with a selection of capsules

We were pleasantly surprised to see that L'OR Barista Sublime comes with a tasting box of nine different capsules. In our household, we have a preference for decaffeinated coffee, so we were a little disappointed that the selection only included one such capsule. However, after trying the different coffees during the tests, there was not one that we did not like.

The XXL double pods turned out to be the most useful, as we could use them to make two cups of coffee at once. Granted, you'll get more coffee in your cup if you use the contents of the larger one cup pod, but we usually had a freshly boiled kettle waiting to fill our drinks with boiling water.

Philips L'OR Barista double spout makes two drinks

(Image credit: Future/Jennifer Oksien)

The Barista Sublime has three settings: Ristretto, Espresso, and Lungo, and the setting for each of the pods in the tasting box was clearly marked. This is one of the many reasons why this coffee maker is so ideal for beginners. The lack of setup and the ease of the process means you'll have your cup of coffee in no time.

Through testing, the machine always produced coffee with a rich aroma and thick crema, without any trace of burnt or overly bitter coffee flavor. The tasting box was great for determining which flavors were tickling our taste buds, before stocking up on our favourites. As mentioned, some more decaf options would have been welcome.

The OR Barista prepares a café con nata

(Image credit: Future/Jennifer Oksien)

At each setting, the coffee was dispensed at 170,6-176ºF/ 77-81ºC, which is a good temperature and around what we expected. It only took a few seconds for the water to heat up, it was a bit quicker on the Ristretto setting, but there's no option to adjust the temperature, for example if you like your coffee piping hot. However, what you can do is press any of the buttons (Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo) to stop or add more water to your cup/mug, although the dual capsule recognition technology also detects the inserted capsule automatically, pouring out the correct amount. correct. of water for that size, so you shouldn't need to do this too often.

For noise, we measured the L'OR Barista Sublime at 52 dB on our sound meter, which is between moderate rain and normal conversation. It wasn't loud, but you'll hear it running, especially if no other appliances are running.

In terms of maintenance, the only regular task will be to empty the used capsule container, although this very much depends on the amount of coffee you consume in a day; contains 12, remember. The trash can and drip tray will benefit from an occasional rinse, as will the water tank. And if you're one of those who like to have their coffee maker in plain view on the counter, a soft wipe with a cloth will make it look great.

Used coffee capsules are stored at L'OR Barista

(Image credit: Future/Jennifer Oksien)

Like all coffee makers, descaling is also recommended. The frequency isn't clear in the instruction booklet, but you'll know when the coffee machine is ready because the Ristretto and Lungo buttons will start flashing after a coffee is brewed. L'OR recommends using the L'OR Barista Coffee Machine Descaler CA6530/00 (opens in a new tab) for work, with a full descale taking around 40 minutes.

Scorecard: L'OR Barista Sublime

Swipe to scroll horizontallyAttributesRatingsScoreValueWidely available in the UK at an affordable price; not available for purchase in the US 4.5/5 Super user-friendly design and double spout is great for brewing more than one cup of coffee at a time. However, a built-in milk frother would have been helpful.4.5/5 Yield Produces coffee with a nice thick crema and at a constant temperature, although better temperature control would be helpful.4.5/5

Philip's OR Sublime in Lungo tuning

(Image credit: Future/Jennifer Oksien)

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  • If an integrated milk frother is important to you, the L'OR Original Latte Edition will be available for purchase from October 2022
  • First review: September 2022

Philips L'OR Barista Sublime: Price Comparison

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