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Unless you're an athlete or gym goer, you may not have come across the ShakesSphere range of shakers, which are designed to mix protein shakes by manually shaking a beaker. Well, now the brand has also launched a portable cordless blender that could make it to our coveted list of the best blenders.

Started by elite sprinter Rick Beardsell, with the backing of the British TV show Dragon's Den, the brand has gone from strength to strength over the last five years. And the ShakeSphere E-Lid Portable Blender is the next logical step in your journey, building on the functionality of the brand's hand shakers, allowing you to blend ice and frozen fruit while remaining portable.

When charging via USB-C, the device can shuffle up to 14 times before needing a recharge. It comes with a Tritan tumbler, but fits most of the brand's 24,6 fl oz/700 mL tumblers, which are available in a variety of colors and finishes.

The mixer itself is available in stylish matte black or fluorescent yellow, with an ultra-modern shape reminiscent of a space rocket. It looks especially stylish when its three LEDs are on while charging or in use. But all this style is not cheap; The ShakeSphere Portable Blender Electronic Lid is pricey for a single serve blender.

However, compared to other cordless blenders, like the Nutribullet Go, it passed our tests, proving that it's not just about style over substance. So if you can afford to splurge on a modern smoothie-making device on the go, this is a great option. But its limited functionality and capacity means it's a niche product, and the smoothies it produces aren't as smooth as what you'll get from a plug-in blender.

ShakeSphere Portable Blender Electronic Lid Price and Availability

  • List price: € 90 / € 72 / AU € 129

The ShakeSphere Portable Blender Electronic Lid is available worldwide directly from the ShakeSphere website (opens in a new tab) or on Amazon (opens in a new tab). It's pricey for a single-serve blender, but it does come with a built-in ShakeSphere Tritan Clear cup, which would set you back $25 / £23 / AU$36 if purchased separately.

The unit is compatible with all tumblers in the ShakeSphere range, priced from €20/€20/AU$30 for the original tumbler and up to €60/€55/AU$85 for the enameled steel tumbler.

Price and availability: 4.5/5

Shakessphere portable blender always packed in a box

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ShakeSphere Portable Blender Electronic Lid Design

  • 24,6 fl. oz./700 mL capacity
  • Rechargeable cordless base
  • The mug is not dishwasher safe.

This sleek and stylish cordless blender will appeal to those who appreciate a simple, uncomplicated design. But with its rocket shape and fun color-changing lights on its feet, this ShakeSphere blender still has a playful side. The logo and overall styling are clearly aimed at the brand's sporty target market, rather than general kitchen appliance consumers. And it arrives in a subtle matte black or vibrant fluorescent yellow finish.

It is a compact blender that when assembled measures 9 x 4 x 4 inches/ 23 x 10 x 10 cm (height x width x depth). The lidded blender lid weighs just 16,6 oz/ 470 g, while the Tritan jar and lid weigh just 8,8 oz/ 250 g when empty, so you'll barely notice the extra weight in your tote bag. sport.

The clear Tritan cup has a 700 ml/24,6 fl oz capacity, and while the blender lid is compatible with most ShakesSphere cups, none have a larger capacity, meaning you're limited to this size. beverage.

When the unit is not in use, a blade cover screws into the top of the blender lid for added safety. The cup has a separate leak-proof lid, with a sliding steel lid that covers the spout. A finger loop makes it easy to wear. When the blender lid is screwed onto the jar, the lights will turn blue to indicate that it is properly sealed and ready to use. If they alternate between blue and red, it is not properly attached.

ShakeSphere Portable Blender Electronic Lid

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A power button located at the base of the blender lid becomes visible when you turn it upside down to screw it onto the cup. Pressing the button for three seconds starts the automix cycle, which lasts for a set amount of time before stopping automatically.

The blender charges via a USB-C cable included in the box, but you'll need to provide your own wall outlet or plug it into a laptop or other device to charge it.

Design: 5 / 5

ShakeSphere Portable Blender Electronic Lid Performance

  • Calm
  • Easy to use
  • Holds ice well

For our first attempt at making a ShakeSphere drink, we added a mix of frozen berries, protein powder, and milk to the cup. After twisting the blender lid into position on top, we pressed the start button for the three seconds it took to start blending. However, it took us a few seconds to realize that once started, the entire unit needs to be inverted for the ingredients to meet the blades.

After the first blending cycle was complete, there was still a bit of protein powder left clinging to the side of the cup, and we could also see large chunks of berry skin. So we started a second mixing cycle, which mixed most of the protein powder and reduced the size of the fruit skin.

The resulting drink was quite well mixed. It had a grainy texture due to the berry seeds remaining whole and a few bits of skin remaining, but the protein powder and the rest of the berries were liquefied. The drink wasn't as finely pulverized as you'd expect from a powerful full-size blender. Still, the results were impressive considering it's a cordless blender and the cup was about 1/3 full with hard, frozen berries, which broke apart in less than 80 seconds.

ShakeSphere Portable Blender Electronic Lid

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Our second mix was banana, protein powder, cocoa powder, peanut butter, and milk. The ShakeSphere blender only required one blend cycle to liquefy these ingredients. The proteins and cocoa powder were well blended, as was the peanut butter. The drink was mostly smooth, although there were very small pieces of banana present, and by tiny we mean the size of a grain of sugar, so small that they don't bother most people. That said, if you prefer a completely smooth drink, you'll probably need to stir it a second time.

Next up was a smoothie recipe used to test all the blenders we reviewed, made with pineapple, spinach, apple juice, banana, and Greek yogurt. It only took one blending cycle to turn these ingredients into a great-tasting drink. Some spinach was visible and the smoothie had a slightly pulpy texture; it was not the silky drink we expected a full-size blender to produce. But, for a small cordless mixer, the result was impressive in less than 40 seconds.

Making a green smoothie in the Shakesphere blender only took one cycle

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We made a mix with just water and six ice cubes to test the quality of shaved ice, and we were impressed. One mixing cycle was enough for all the ice to pulverize completely. Additionally, the blender remained stable on the counter throughout the blending cycle.

Although it is advertised as performing 30-second blending cycles, in our tests, each cycle lasted about 39 seconds. However, it's remarkably quiet compared to most blenders we've reviewed, peaking at just 75 dB, which is similar to a vacuum.

One obvious drawback in all tests was that despite being securely bolted to the bowl, the blender often did not display the blue lights that indicated it was securely attached. As such, it wouldn't start to mix; we had to unscrew and screw it back several times, which was getting quite annoying. Especially since it wasn't entirely obvious why the mixer couldn't recognize that it was installed correctly.

The ShakeSphere E-Lid Portable Blender jars are not dishwasher safe, but they are very easy to clean. Simply fill with water, replace the lid and shake the jar well, or you can add water to the jar, screw on the blender lid and start a blending cycle. We have found both methods to be effective.

Performance; Four. Five

ShakeSphere Portable Blender Electronic Lid Battery Life

  • Charge via USB-C
  • Red lights indicate low battery
  • The battery exceeded the manufacturer's list of complaints.

In our tests, the blender was able to complete 26 blending cycles before needing a recharge. This is almost double the 14 cycles advertised by the brand. All three lights will turn solid red if you try to start it when the battery is too low.

A full battery charge took four hours, which is on the low end of the 4-6 hours claimed by the manufacturer. The lights stay red while charging. Once the blender is fully charged, the lights turn green; but there is no way to check the battery percentage mid-race.

Battery life: 5 / 5

ShakeSphere Portable Blender Electronic Lid

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ShakeSphere Portable Blender E-Lid Scorecard

Swipe to scroll horizontallyAttributesNotesRatingPrice and availabilityThe ShakeSphere range is available worldwide. There's no denying that it's pricey for a single-serve blender, but it's only slightly more expensive than a similarly sized Nutribullet. 5PerformanceEasy and convenient to use and mixes drinks well, but doesn't create 100% silky results.4/5Battery LifeThe battery lasts well and most people won't need to charge the device more than once a week.5/5

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  • First review: September 2022

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