When it comes to choosing the best social media management tools (opens in a new tab) on the market, the options are many and varied. However, some variations on the theme are a bit more specific, especially when it comes to agencies. Enter then, Cloud Campaign, which is an agency-friendly social media management platform that aims to improve efficiency.

The secret to Cloud Campaign's success is its variety of time-saving tools and efficient solutions that fit into its easy-to-use interface. Most importantly, Cloud Campaign can be scaled to meet a variety of needs, from small start-up agencies to those with multiple staff members.

Cloud Campaign adds extra appeal as it can be fully customized to meet your company or agency branding requirements. On top of that, the software company offers scalable pricing, which always helps, especially with margins tighter than ever.

Packages and rates

Cloud Campaign can obviously customize a package to suit your business needs and it might be worth talking to them first if you don't see an out-of-the-box solution. They can also demonstrate systems for your business, which is always good for verifying that a package meets all requirements. Free trials are also available for all of their plans.

However, there are also three basic package options, which seem to meet most social media management needs. In fact, these really do cover all the bases, with options ranging from consultants and freelancers to studios and full marketing agencies.

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Things start with a Freelancer plan (opens in a new tab), with costs of €39 per month and consultants and freelancers in the sights. Next up is the Studio edition (opens in a new tab), which costs €199 per month and is aimed at growing agencies. While this is the most popular Cloud Campaign option, there is also a full-service agency edition (opens in a new tab). It costs €299 per month and is firmly aimed at marketing agencies with its feature set.

Basic characteristics

As you'd expect from the different price tiers, the features and functions expand as you pay more. So the freelance package offers some basic options and includes 1 branded workspace. However, it allows unlimited users and offers up to 7 social accounts per customer. Really not bad for a basic set.

The Studio package goes one step further and offers 5 branded workspaces, unlimited users and unlimited social accounts as well. There is also a standard white label and you get an account manager. This could be essential for some businesses that need the backing of someone in the know.

professional features

If you pay for the premium agency package, the feature list includes 5 branded workspaces, which can be expanded as needed. There can be unlimited users, unlimited social account and advanced white label. Plus, paid social reporting, a dedicated account manager, and client migration are also part of the package.

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Interface and in use

We're really impressed with how Cloud Campaign has shaped its current interface. Ease of use is on par with the best of them, while accessing day-to-day features is a breeze. There are some really useful key features, including a library of markup content, which is actually found in all editions of the software.

Meanwhile, it's very easy to do post scheduling, manage social media live streams, and delve into social media analytics, all from the central interface area. . For white-label processes, premium packages offer a dedicated dashboard area. Meanwhile, the menu options are clean, clear, and concise. Overall, Cloud Campaign packs a punch, but any member of an agency's social media management team can master it.

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Cloud Campaign really starts serving your customers once you upgrade to the Studio and Agency editions. Having a dedicated account manager, like these two offerings, can be a big help if you're working with a team of people. However, Cloud Campaign also caters to those on the lower end of the spectrum, with many offerings in the Website Resources area to answer common queries.

There's also a very decent Help Center, which has a nifty search box and provides the answer to many common queries. However, if you can't find what you're looking for, Cloud Campaign also offers the option to chat with support staff or you can email them if you have a problem.

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While Cloud Campaign will hit the sweet spot with many business users as well as freelancers on the lower end of the budget spectrum, there are other options to consider. These include SocialPilot, Buffer, eClincher, Sendible, Statusbrew, Loomly, Hootsuite, and Zoho Social, all of which are perfectly decent competitors.

final verdict

While we can appreciate the need to sell a lot in these tough times, Cloud Campaign is not doing itself a favor by having intrusive and annoying popups on its main site. These are embarrassing and discouraging. However, once you get past all that, Cloud Campaign has a lot to offer agency-focused businesses with plenty of options to scale as the need arises.

Overall, the features and functions offer decent value, and the experience is professional and quite original. With a few tweaks to its approach to selling you a package in the first place, Cloud Campaign could become even more sustainable.

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