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When it comes to home security, it's a dream to have eyes absolutely everywhere. While most security cameras are best placed in key positions where the action is most, pan and tilt models like the Ezviz C6 2K+ go even further by being able to move whenever motion is detected.

The best home security cameras can tackle whatever environment they're placed in, and the Ezviz C6 is arguably more versatile than most. With AI-powered motion detection that can distinguish between humans and pets, enhanced audio for two-way calls, and automatic zoom tracking, its capabilities go far beyond what its compact form might suggest.

The camera may not be suitable for those who want cloud storage but without a subscription; Unlike many options, however, the C6 offers local storage via a microSD card, in case you want to save your clips for another day.

Ezviz C6 security camera on white background.

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Ezviz C6 2K+: price and availability

  • List price: € 130 / € 99.99 / AU € 199.99

The Ezviz C6 2K+ is available on Amazon in the US, UK, and Australia, priced at €130 / £99.99 / AUS$199.99. You can also buy the camera in the UK from Very, Maplin and The Electric Showroom.

You can use the camera immediately without paying any additional costs when using local storage, but a 30-day free trial for Ezviz CloudPlay is available for new users. This subscription is required for cloud storage. The Premium plan (7 days of video history) costs €4.99/€4.99 per month or €49.99/€49.99 per year for a single camera, while the Elite plan (30 days of video history) costs €9.99/€ 9.99 per month or €99.99 /€99.99 per year.

  • Price and availability rating: 4/5

Design and configuration of Ezviz C6 2K+

  • Can be mounted or left alone
  • 360 degree view
  • private screen

The Ezviz C6 is a spherical device with a black opening on the front, where you'll find the camera and a base to mount on if you wish. A knuckle in the middle allows the device to move around and the camera can be tilted up and down as needed. It's small enough to fit neatly on a dresser, shelf, or anywhere else without getting in the way.

As mentioned, the camera can be mounted if you want it completely out of the way, and everything you need to do is included in the box. However, keep in mind that its shape means it doesn't look natural. Arguably it looks and works best when it is simply placed on a surface.

However, the degree of swivel may affect your decision here, as the camera can't see as far down unless it's wall-mounted. Again, the C6 needs to be wired, and it's easier to hide those wires behind a cabinet.

One of the best design features is the sleeper face on the privacy screen, which is visible when the camera is hidden. It's not something that serves any real purpose, but it made us smile. You will also find the microSD card slot in this mode.

Ezviz C6 2K+ security camera components shown side by side

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Features and performance of Ezviz C6 2K+

  • 2K resolution and night vision
  • Good motion detection
  • buggy app

The Ezviz C2's 6K video resolution doesn't disappoint, providing a clear view of the area, with only a small drop in quality once night falls. We tested the camera in a few different places to see how it worked. Once in the living room, the view of the room was wide and unobstructed, allowing us to see everyone we passed on our way to the kitchen.

Motion detection

We then moved the camera to the kitchen entrance to see how it reacted to sudden movement. We set the C6 to beep when it saw someone, and sure enough, it immediately turned around and made a (very loud) sound when we entered the room. It can apparently tell the difference between people and animals, limiting the number of false alarms. Unfortunately, we don't have pets, so we couldn't test this item.

The 4x zoom provides a better view of "events" the camera detects, and the built-in AI can be set to only do this for people in view.

Ezviz app

While we were impressed with the camera performance, the Ezviz app was another matter. Although I was able to connect the C6 to the internet via an ethernet cable, the position of our router meant that wasn't an option, so we opted for Wi-Fi. Since we had already tested an Ezviz doorbell, we could simply log into the app and add the new camera. It took a few tries, but it finally worked.

Accessing the camera with our phone was a frustrating experience, appearing offline at times and taking too long to load a live view in most cases. A slow app is a real problem for security devices like this, because an area view can take so long to load that anyone who isn't good is one step ahead.


Aside from these connectivity issues, there are actually quite a few useful features in the app. Two-way talk means you can talk to someone in the same room as the camera wherever you are, and you can choose to say hello to the camera to start a call on your phone.

Many of these communication features are very useful if you have a smart display, as you'll be able to use any of the best smart speakers with an Alexa or Google display to see what your camera sees.

Ezviz C6 2K+ security camera in privacy mode

(Image credit: future)

Dashboard: Ezviz C6 2K+

Swipe to scroll horizontallyAttributesRemarksRatingPrice and affordabilityA mid-range option with no subscription required4/5DesignAttractive design with privacy mode and nearly 360° view4.5/5PerformanceThe Dodgy app drops a solid camera with good motion detection, night vision, and 2K resolution3. 5/5

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