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AEG may not be a name synonymous with vacuum cleaners, but they've been producing floor care devices since 1913., and all that experience has gone into producing some of the best vacuums you can buy, with high-end specs but more affordable tags. than machines from competitors like Dyson and Miele.

The AEG QX6 is the brand's latest cordless vacuum cleaner. It can lie almost flat on the floor and has an articulating head with LED lights, making it well suited for cleaning under tight furniture and in nooks and crannies. It has an ergonomic handle and the main unit, which includes the motor and the 0,3 liter dust container, is located in the lower half of the cleaner, making it easy to handle.

The main unit can also be lifted and used as a handheld vacuum.; In this mode, the handle curves around the main unit, making it comfortable to hold whether you're using it for wiping or cleaning.

The AEG QX6 Animal features a five-stage filtration system with a washable filter, which the brand claims captures 99% of dust, hair, and allergens as small as 0.1 microns.. It's powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that AEG says will last up to 45 minutes and has two power settings, though with a maximum suction power of 27W it can't compete with pricier cordless cleaners like the Dyson V15 Detect. when it comes to vacuuming dust and debris in a single pass.

The AEG QX6 Animal comes with a crevice tool that can be stowed in the cordless cleaner bar and a power tool designed to be used in portable mode to collect animal hair and fibers from upholstery.

Compared to other cordless vacuum cleaners, The AEG QX6 Animal is relatively wallet-friendly at $219.99 and will be a better choice for those looking for an affordable and easy-to-maneuver cordless vacuum cleaner.

Price and availability of AEG QX6 animals

The AEG QX6 Animal is priced at €219.99 and is available from the AEG website as well as online retailers including Appliances Direct and Amazon.

AEG also offers two other models of the QX6 cordless vacuum cleaner. The QX6-1-46DB, priced at €199.99, comes with four tools and the same LED cleaning head as the QX6 Animal, but not the motorized pet brush. The QX6-1-40OG costs €169.99 and comes with only two tools and does not have an LED on the cleaner head.

AEG QX6 Animal


  • 0,3 liter dust container
  • Comes with a floor head and two tools, including a motorized pet brush
  • Transforms into a hand cleaner

The AEG QX6 is slightly different from many cordless stick vacuums on the market. Instead of having a wand that separates from the motor and dust bin, the main unit sits at the bottom of the vacuum and connects directly to the floor scrubbing head.

A long handle, which forms the "stick" element of the vacuum, sits atop the main unit. A recess at the top of the handle allows your fingers to rest comfortably while you clean, and across from it are the power button and power level selector. The battery is built into the main unit and the remaining power level is indicated by three LEDs on the unit.

The main unit also has a smaller integrated handle, which comes into operation when the unit is removed from the head and floor post assembly for use as a portable device, with one of the two tools it uses. In addition to a corner tool, the version of the QX6 we tested also comes with a motorized pet brush.

At 4kg, the QX6 Animal is one of the heaviest cordless vacuums we've tested. It comes with a hinged floor cleaning head, allowing the cleaner to sit almost completely flat so you can reach under furniture with little clearance. The floor-mounted head also features an LED light to improve visibility when vacuuming in dark corners, and It has a button that activates a mechanism that will automatically remove hair or fibers entangled in the brush roller, sending them to the 0,3 liter dust container.

AEG QX6 Animal


  • Works best on hard floors
  • Walking
  • Silent use

The AEG QX6 Animal performed better on hard floors when it came to collecting fine dust at both suction levels. Although it glides easily over hard floors and carpets, we were disappointed in our tests with its ability to clean carpets, finding that some dust still remained after sweeping on both power settings.

Likewise, when it comes to large debris, the cordless cleaner had a hard time sucking grain to the edges and back of the floor cleaning head; We ended up pushing it onto the floor, which made the cleaning task a bit longer. involved as we would have liked. We liked that the vacuum cleaner was autonomous, so we didn't have to find a place to leave it when we wanted to take a break from cleaning.

We were impressed with how easy it was to use the vacuum cleaner in handheld mode: You only need to slightly pull the handle of the main unit to remove it from its slot between the wand and the cleaning head, and then it can be used with either the crevice tool or the electric pet hair tool.

We found the QX6's emptying process to be a bit more involved than with most cordless vacuums: The cartridge must first be ejected from the main unit, then the filter must be removed and the cartridge reversed. We prefer powder canisters with an “aim and shoot” button that automatically ejects the powder, as this deals less damage. However, the dust container and filter are washable, which is a plus.

The automatic brush roll cleaning feature has been helpful, shredding and absorbing the value of a human hair brush that was stuck around the brush roll and saving us from having to pick it ourselves. It's also one of the quietest vacuums we've tested, measuring a maximum of 73 dB on our decibel meter, roughly equivalent to the noise of traffic when you walk down the road.

AEG QX6 Animal

Battery duration

  • 13 to 45 minute range depending on power setting
  • Battery takes 4,5 hours to fully charge
  • It can only be charged with the stand.

Battery lasts up to 45 minutes between charges, but has the lowest power setting; if the cleaner is used on the strongest setting, the battery life is reduced to only 13 minutes. The QX6 Animal can only be charged using the included floor stand, so if you're short on space this can be a problem. The LED lights on the front help you to some extent to identify when the battery needs to be recharged, but ideally we would have liked to see the remaining runtime displayed in minutes, a feature offered by some vacuums, such as the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute.

AEG QX6 Animal

Should I buy the AEG QX6 Animal?

Buy it if ...

You have a budget

At just over $200, this is one of the most affordable cordless vacuums we've tested that can also double as a hand cleaner.

You want a vacuum that is easy to maneuver

The AEG QX6 Animal glides easily on hard floors and carpets. It is lightweight and has an ergonomic handle, so if you want to put minimal effort into cleaning it, this is a good option.

You hate removing the bristles from the rotating brush

For us, the automatic brush roller cleaning function is a game changer if you often have to spend time removing human or animal hairs that surround the brush roller.

Don't buy it if ...

if you have rugs

While the AEG QX6 Animal performed well on hard floors, it had trouble collecting fine dust on carpets, so if you have a mix of floors in your home, this could be a cordless cleaner to avoid.

You want a clear indication of the battery level

Hate that your vacuum cleaner runs out of battery in the middle of cleaning? So avoid this vacuum as we found that the LED lights on the front were not very accurate when it came to indicating the remaining run time.

You have a big house

The AEG QX6 Animal has one of the smallest trash containers on the market, so if you have a large home, it will constantly interrupt your floor cleaning sessions to empty the container.

First review: June 2021

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