Pulse 3D wireless headphones continue a long tradition. With every new Sony console comes a new PlayStation headset, and the publisher isn't changing that just yet.

Los auriculares para juegos de Sony aparecieron por primera vez en la PS3 con los primeros auriculares estéreo inalámbricos, luego en la PS4 con los auriculares estéreo inalámbricos dorados y finalmente en la PS5 con los auriculares inalámbricos Sony PlayStation Pulse 3D. Al igual que sus predecesores, los nuevos auriculares inalámbricos PS5 Pulse 3D definitivamente tienen un excelente desempeño en el departamento de sonido, brindando un sonido envolvente y estéreo rico en detalles. Sin embargo, la adición de nuevas características como la compatibilidad con Tempest AudioTech 3D es lo que probablemente hace que este sea el auricular PS5.

Por lo menos, es uno de los mejores auriculares PS5 actualmente en camino. Para los jugadores sociales y competitivos, los extras como el control del micrófono y el ajuste de nivel individual para el chat y el audio del juego distinguen a los auriculares de los auriculares con cable estándar, y la calidad del micrófono es bastante buena en general.

As a result, the Pulse 3D headset is one to watch during the Black Friday 2022 sales, which will take place around November 25. It's one of the most popular accessories for the console and is likely to appear as part of the Black Friday PS5 deals.

Si bien no está exento de problemas: su batería de 12 horas se agota rápidamente, su calidad de construcción no es la mejor y el efecto 3D requiere algunos ajustes para hacerlo bien: el Pulse 3D es un auricular PS5 sólido como el rock y el que nosotros Recomendaría retomar cuando finalmente tenga en sus manos la consola.

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Pulse 3D Wireless Headphones

Auriculares inalámbricos PS5 Pulse 3D: precio y fecha de lanzamiento

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The release date for the Sony PlayStation Pulse 3D White wireless headset was October 30, 2020. It came almost two full weeks before the PS5 release date of November 12 and a Midnight Black version released in October 2021. They are compatible with PS5 and PS4, and replace the Sony Platinum wireless headset for PS4 that was released in 2017.

In terms of price, the Sony Pulse 3D headset costs $99 / £89.99 / AU$159, which may seem expensive considering the price of other third-party headsets, but is actually quite reasonable considering all that the Pulse 3D brings to the table.

That said, if you're looking for alternatives, you can check out the PS200-compatible Turtle Beach Recon 5, priced at just $49.99 / £29.99 / AU$77.99, but you'll be making a sacrifice in the sound department and in general. feature set. For now, the PlayStation Pulse seems to offer the best value for money of all the PS5 headsets.

Auriculares inalámbricos PS5 Pulse 3D: precio y fecha de lanzamiento

Auriculares PS5 Pulse 3D

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While Sony's original wireless headset matched the bulky jet-black PS3, the new Pulse 3D headset perfectly matches the aesthetic of the PS5 with a two-tone black and white color scheme. It's stylish, too, with an adjustable top strap that cradles your head perfectly. It's a look that balances between classic and space age without veering too much in either direction.

In terms of weight, the Pulse 3D weighs 295 grams, which is average for a pair of over-ear headphones. The boxes themselves house medium-sized 40mm drivers, and the clamping force of the earcups—that is, the pressure the cups put on your head—is enough to hold them up without falling out.

As before, Sony opted to use a leatherette material for the ear cups that's soft and flexible and a plastic bridge that feels a bit flimsy. Sure, going for silk and metal might have made them a bit more comfortable on the ears and sturdier, but leather remains relatively cool and comfortable after long wear and plastic, while certainly not ideal, does cut down on the cost of wear. helmet.

El exterior del auricular izquierdo alberga los controles: un conmutador para el juego y el audio del chat que puede aumentar individualmente; un interruptor de monitor de micrófono para que pueda escucharse a sí mismo; un control de volumen; un botón de silencio y el interruptor de encendido. También hay un conector de 3,5 mm que se puede conectar a cualquier dispositivo de 3,5 mm mediante el cable incluido y un puerto USB-C para cargar.

Because the headphones have a 3,5mm jack, you can use them without the included dongle and you'll still be able to listen to Tempest AudioTech 3D, though it will drain the controller's battery faster. That said, it's probably best that when using the headset with the PS5, you make sure the dongle is plugged in and connected rather than connecting the headset to the controller with the audio cable.

The only problem with the design is that realistically it's not the kind of thing you'd wear out and about. If you're planning to buy a pair of headphones that you can take with you, the PlayStation Pulse 3D Wireless Headphones won't be it.

PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset: Performance

Auriculares PS5 Pulse 3D

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Setting up the headset is as simple as plugging the included dongle into one of the PS5's USB ports and turning on the headset. The console will automatically connect to the headphones and direct all sound there instead of through the TV speakers. You can also plug the dongle into a PC's USB port if you want to use it there, but you won't get surround sound that way.

Once everything is connected, the Pulse 3D Wireless sounds great, with solid stereo sound and simulated surround sound. Songs on Spotify didn't have as much detail or clarity as on other traditional headphones, and some games like Fall Guys or Genshin Impact didn't see much improvement with headphones, but overall the stereo and simulated surround experience was decent, if not quite. awesome.

Of course, what you'll really want to buy into the Pulse 3D Wireless is its compatibility with Sony's new Tempest 3D AudioTech that it implements in all of its proprietary games, giving them more realistic and immersive sound quality. In practice, using Pulse 3D with Spider-Man: Miles Morales meant being able to hear more realistic city sounds, whereas in Sackboy: A Big Adventure each sound effect had a different directionality.

The list of 3D Tempest AudioTech compatible games was quite limited at the time of release. Initially, there were only Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered, Astro's Playroom, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and Demon's Souls. This has since expanded to Gran Turismo 7, Returnal, Destruction AllStars, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Horizon Forbidden West, Resident Evil Village, and more.

Desafortunadamente, ninguno de los juegos que probamos con los auriculares hasta ahora sonaba tan inmersivo como, por ejemplo, una película Dolby Atmos debido a la naturaleza limitada del sonido 3D. Aún así, probar 3D AudioTech fue mejor que no escucharlo en absoluto.

Auriculares PS5 Pulse 3D

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For a few weeks we talked to friends on PS5 on the headset and to family on Google Meet via our laptop. They both said we sounded good, but not very clear, and that it was on par with the speakerphone. An added benefit of the Pulse 3D headset is that it has built-in microphone monitoring, allowing you to hear yourself when you speak. This is a great feature for first-person shooters where the action can sometimes replace chat audio, so you can be sure you're doing it loud and clear.

In terms of battery life, Sony claims the Pulse 3D Wireless Headphones should last around 12 hours on a single charge, and we found that claim to be pretty accurate, give or take an hour depending on how loud we were listening to music and if we forget to turn them off after we are done using them for the day.

Unfortunately, that 12 hours is about three hours less than comparable headphones from Astro, Razer, Turtle Beach, and other headphone makers, but that shouldn't be a deal breaker unless you're someone who never remembers to plug in. your headphones at the end of the day. (Don't worry, we're guilty of that, too.)

Overall, the performance of the headphones was much better than we expected, and while it's not the first name in terms of clarity or soundstage, its professional performance and easy setup requirements, plus Tempest AudioTech 3D support should be more. that enough to keep most gamers happy.

PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset: Should You Buy It?

Auriculares PS5 Pulse 3D

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Auriculares inalámbricos Sony PlayStation Pulse 3D: comparación de precios


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