Dyson makes some of the best vacuum cleaners on the market, with impressive suction power and a range of high-tech features to make one of the most monotonous household tasks as quick and painless as possible.

Its latest cordless vacuum, the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute, is no exception: it's the most powerful cordless vacuum the brand has ever produced, and Dyson has also redesigned the hard-floor cleaning head to include a laser that highlights dirt particles. microscopic dust that would otherwise remain invisible. naked eye.

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The V15 Detect Absolute can also count and identify the size of the dust particles it collects, displaying the information on an LCD screen, so you can see proof that your vacuuming session is giving your floors a deep clean.

The LCD display, first seen on the V15's predecessor; the Dyson V11 range, also presents information on the remaining battery life and the selected power level. And, like the V11 range, the V15 Detect Absolute can automatically adjust power based on the type of floor you're cleaning when used with the High Torque cleaning head.

Dyson says that the battery will last up to 60 minutes between charges when the cleaner is used on the lowest power setting, although this drops to 15 minutes if you use the maximum level. The battery is also removable, so you can replace it with a fully charged battery (you'll need to purchase an additional battery separately) to minimize interruptions to your cleaning sessions.

The added technology in the Dyson V15 Detect means it weighs just over 1lb/500g more than the V11 Absolute, so is the extra weight and high price point justified by the vacuum's cleaning power and smart features? We put it to the test to find out.

  • List price: € 699.99 / € 599.99 / AU € 1,399

The Dyson V15 Detect Absolute, called the Dyson V15 Detect in the US, and the Dyson V15 Detect Total Clean in Australia, are priced at €699.99 / £599.99 / AU$1,399. It is available for purchase now worldwide.

In the US and UK, a second model is also available. It has a larger 0,5 gallon / 1,9 liter dust bin, but lacks an acoustic dust sensor. It's called the Dyson Outsize Absolute+ in the US and comes with two batteries for £899,99 (around £650 / AU$1,200), while in the UK it's known as the Dyson Outsize Absolute and costs £699,99 (around €990 / AU$1,275), though it only comes with a battery.

In Australia the second model is called the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute Extra; It comes with a separate docking station and an additional HEPA filter to trap even more microscopic particles. It is priced at AU$1449 (about $1125/£800).

As we mentioned, the battery is interchangeable and additional batteries are priced at $149 / £85 / AU$199.99.

Dyson V15 Absolute Detection

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  • 0,2 gallon/0,75 liter trash can
  • LCD display shows level of dust collected and remaining run time
  • It comes with eight tools.

On the surface, the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute looks a lot like the V11 range, including the motor, the 1-inch/2,6cm color LCD screen, the motor that creates the suction, the cyclones that generate the centrifugal force to ensure that dust and dirt stays in the bowl and in the 0,2 gallon / 0,75 liter dust container on top. At 3,1kg (6,8lbs), it's one of the largest and heaviest cordless vacuums we've tested.

Under the hood, however, the V15 Detect Absolute boasts some serious upgrades over its predecessor, with the motor putting out 230 watts of air, which is 24 percent more suction power than the V11 range, while the acoustic piezo sensor uses sound to track number and type. . dust particles collected by the vacuum cleaner, displaying this information on the LCD screen along with the remaining battery level and the selected power level.

The V15 Detect comes with two cleaning heads; Among the tools included with the vacuum is the Laser Slim Fluffy cleaning head, which has a soft brush bar to ensure hard floors don't get damaged. It features a Class 1 laser diode (therefore safe for humans and pets) mounted at a 1,5 degree angle and 7,2mm from the floor, which projects a beam of green light in front of the cleaning head to highlight microscopic dust particles that are invisible to the eye. the eye.

The V15 Detect also comes with the high torque cleaner head which, when used in auto mode, adjusts power based on the type of floor you are cleaning during use. Unlike the version that came with the V11 range, however, it now has 56 polycarbonate teeth that tear the hair into small sections, to prevent it from tangling around the bristles of the cleaner head.

The V15 Detect Absolute has three power levels, which can be selected using the button on top of the vacuum; And like other Dyson cordless vacuums, you can convert the V15 Detect Absolute into a handheld cleaner by removing the main wand and placing one of the eight supplied tools directly into the dust bin.

One of them is the Tangle Free Hair Twist Tool: This compact tapered brush features 45-degree angled bristle tufts, ensuring that human and pet hair strands automatically move toward the tip of the finer end of the tool, where they are absorbed by the dust. cartridge, instead of getting caught around the brush.

The V15 Detect Absolute has a replaceable battery built into the handle to reduce interruptions to your cleaning session, assuming you purchase an extra battery. Dyson says the battery lasts up to 60 minutes between charges, but that depends on the power setting you're using the vacuum on. A docking station and charging cable are also included with the vacuum.

Dyson V15 Absolute Detection

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  • Extremely powerful suction
  • The laser highlights dust invisible to the eye.
  • High torque head will adjust suction based on detected dust levels

At all power levels, the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute picked up all the fine dust, cookie crumbs and cereal we sprinkled on carpets and hard floors in one slow pass, and it glided easily on both types of floors, too. When we used the high-torque cleaner head and switched to auto mode, the vacuum automatically increased suction when the piezoacoustic sensor detected high dust levels and decreased suction when it detected a drop in dust levels.

We were able to see the type and amount of dust collected by the V15 Detect on the LED screen, which displayed the various dust particles as a colored bar graph, while the remaining runtime was displayed below the graph. We were also able to use the button on top of the vacuum to adjust the suction power.

On top of that, we were impressed with how much dust the Laser Slim Fluffy cleaning head actually picked up on our hard floors. We deliberately overlook the edges of a room with hard floors, then poke our heads towards those edges; With the green laser on, we were amazed at how much previously invisible dust was on the ground.

As mentioned, the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute also comes with the new tangle-free hair screwing tool, which is designed to remove human and pet hair from small surfaces like sofas and car seats. During our tests, we deliberately removed a strand of human hair from a hairbrush and placed it on the couch, then used the vacuum with the attached anti-tangle tool to suck it up. We were impressed that it sucked right into the cartridge without wrapping around the bar on the tool.

Converting the vacuum to handheld mode and back was simple - as with other Dyson cleaners this requires removing the main wand - although we found it to be a bit heavier to use in this mode than previous Dyson vacuums, and we couldn't clean much before that our arm started to hurt.

Using the V15 in portable mode means it can be used for a huge variety of different dusting tasks, including vehicles, ensuring you don't need a separate car vacuum.

We couldn't fault the V15 Detect's suction, though: It picked up all the dirt and debris, like small stones and even a few leaves, as well as human hair that had easily collected on the driver's seat. , in portable mode, the vacuum cleaner is bulky. That meant we had trouble fully vacuuming under the front driver and passenger seats, as well as the center console storage areas, which frequently attract dust and debris.

Unsurprisingly, the V15 Detect comes with a crevice tool and a combo tool, which we found to be good for edges and tight spaces when vacuuming a car. However, instead of a mini motorized head, which older Dyson vacuums came with, the V15 comes with the tangle-free screw tool. We found that it wasn't as effective at picking up upholstery dust and dander as the power tool, since it's designed to focus on the hair.

We also found the V15 Detect Absolute easy to empty - once the wand and all cleaning accessories were removed, we were able to use the lever on the back of the dust bin to open the lid and eject the debris into the bin with a quick movement.

The vac was pleasantly quiet when used on lower power settings, but at maximum suction our decibel meter registered 81 dB, which is similar to a truck driving down the highway at 40 mph, making it one of the loudest cordless vacuums we've tested. .

Dyson V15 Absolute Detection

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Battery duration

  • Ranges from 15 to 60 minutes depending on power setting
  • Battery takes 5 hours to fully charge
  • Replaceable battery reduces cleaning interruptions

As we mentioned, Dyson claims the battery will last up to 60 minutes on the lowest Eco setting, and in our tests we managed a respectable 59 minutes before the vacuum needed a recharge. It took about five hours to fully charge the battery with the supplied charger.

As we mentioned, the battery, which attaches to the vacuum's handle, can be replaced to ensure your clean...

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