Namecheap is known for its domain registration and web hosting services, but the company offers more, like a free logo maker. Let's see this.

Give Namecheap your company name and also start the logo creation process (Image credit: Namecheap)

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Type in your company name and click the large red “Create Free Logo” button to start the process. The next step is font selection, and this one is a bit confusing: you have to choose your preferred font from the 3 given to you and repeat the process 6 times. It's not clear if you choose 6 separate fonts or end up with a final selection based on your choices.

Choose a color

Your input is limited to the selection of fonts, colors, and also icons (Image credit: Namecheap)

The answers to this remain a mystery as the process continues. You go through the color selection, add an optional tagline and finally choose up to 3 icons (don't forget to use the search box in this section as there are plenty to choose from).

Automated results

Depending on your choices, Namecheap offers over 100 alterations on a theme (Image credit: Namecheap)

After acquiring all the information it needed, Namecheap creates a myriad of samples, represented by large thumbnails. When we tested the service itself, we had over 100 overrides on a theme, each with different colors, different fonts (hence why we had to choose so many), and one of 3 icons we'd chosen (or none at all).

Clicking on one of your favorites (or any of the ) takes you to the editing process.


It has few customization options to make your design more unique (Image credit: Namecheap)


Your options are pretty limited for the most part. For example, apart from changing the name of your company, you only have 7 fonts to choose from and you can't even change the size of the text. Ironically, you have more font options for the optional tagline, but again, the size and style cannot be changed.

As for the icon, the 3 you chose previously are just a click away, but it's also good to know that you can also search the entire library here, if you prefer to use a different one.

Design-wise, it simply determines where the icon, name, and tagline are relative to each other. Again, this is done with a limited number of set combinations. You can't scroll every element around the layout.

Color is where you get the most utility. Not only are you offered an extensive color scheme based on your previous selection, but you can also change to another color. Please note that these offerings are computer controlled and not each and every one is suitable for your current design. Some are quite attractive, in fact.

Better yet, choose "Adaptive Color" to manually control the appearance of each element: this way, the primary font, tagline, icon, and background can be any color you can imagine.


As expected, you need to sign up to get your logo, but the process is pretty easy and you don't need to provide Namecheap with any payment information. The downloaded folder not only includes 3 different layouts based on your choices, but we were pleasantly surprised to see that a vector file in .svg format was also included. This allows you to print or display your logo in any size and resolution, without pixelation or humiliation.

final verdict

Namecheap will obviously try to sell you some of its other services throughout the design process (such as a domain name or printed business cards, for example), but you can easily remove that and get your logo for free. The designs are clean and simple with just a touch of customization, and are ideal if you're looking for a nice and speedy logo.

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