Falcon.io recently became part of the Brandwatch product portfolio, which means that for anyone looking for the best social media marketing tools (opens in a new tab), even better. The good news is that if you're an existing customer, it's easy to log into your existing Falcon products, but if you're a new customer, there's a lot more opportunity to get stuck.

The social media management platform comes with a complete set of tools that can be used for daily tasks like publishing social media posts on all major platforms. Therefore, Falcon.io can also be used in conjunction with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, with the possibility of using an interface that is easy to use but powerful at the same time.

While there are plenty of other rival social media management tools out there, some of which might be a cheaper option than Falcon.io, it has definite potential. Even more so once you've delved into how it works.

packages and prices

It's probably best to think of Falcon.io as part of the Brandwatch product line. Look at the pricing page and you will find some references to Falcon.io. However, this can be a good thing because it potentially opens up your business to many new tools to expand your success.

Brandwatch markets three main product suites, including one for researchers and analysts called Consumer Intelligence (opens in a new tab). Meanwhile, a social media management product (Opens in a new tab) is available for social media managers, providing a comprehensive solution for teams that need to collaborate on tasks.

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Rounding it all out is a Full Suite option (opens in a new tab) which, as the name suggests, includes everything you need to take social media and its associated analytics to the next level. The prices, however, are not fixed and to put together a package that suits your needs, you will need to arrange a meeting with the sales staff.

Fortunately, Brandwatch also has a package aimed firmly at small business owners. It's called Essentials (opens in a new tab) and it offers the ability to schedule content, monitor it, and judge the results. It currently costs from €108 per month, with the option to try it for free to get started.


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Basic characteristics

Now that Falcon.io is part of the Brandwatch portfolio, it potentially has more appeal to larger companies. This is especially true because there are tools in the collection that not only cover social media management tasks, but also allow you to tackle consumer intelligence.

However, when it comes to basic social options, there's still a lot to get excited about, including the ability to post content and manage everything in one calendar. You can also create automated ad campaigns and measure subsequent performance across all social channels.

Having the ability to compare content and see how it performs against the competition is also a plus, while being able to manage everything through one interface and inbox adds to the simple yet effective nature of this package.

Essential features

Brandwatch thinks the Essentials package will be fine for one or two users, which, given the price, seems like reasonable value. The basics are certainly there, with the ability to scroll and schedule social media posts. This allows you to have a social media content calendar, manage all your assets in one central library, and also do campaign management.

Another important feature of Essentials is a central inbox. This allows you to keep all your connected networks and managed social profiles in one place. The centralized inbox means it's much easier to engage the community, send messages using a template system, and set up automated rules for simplicity.

Finally, Essentials offers the ability to measure how well your social media management activities have gone. This includes detailed analysis through a customizable dashboard system. This makes creating and sharing reports on how things went very easy.


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Interface and in use

If you're a small business owner, the Essentials package not only includes many tools for managing social media, but it's also great to use. There is a relatively simple interface, which still offers plenty of options to get the most out of your campaigns. If you've ever used something like Hootsuite, there's a similar vibe here. In general, the appearance is friendly and welcoming.


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Now that Falcon.io is part of the larger Brandwatch portfolio, it has gained a lot more traction in the support department. This means that there are multilingual staff, covering English, Spanish, German and French, allowing them to help customers from all over the world.

Customers can use online help and advice, but it is also possible to submit a request through the site. Brandwatch says the response will depend on the type of package you have, although customers should receive a response within 4 to 24 hours.


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Brandwatch and Falcon.io's Essentials bundle makes a lot of sense for smaller businesses, while also catering to those who need more substantial options. As for the competition, there are plenty, including Cloud Campaign, SocialPilot, Buffer, eClincher, Sendible, Statusbrew, Loomly, Hootsuite, and Zoho Social.

final verdict

If you wanted to get your hands on the Falcon.io social media marketing toolkit and were worried you might have missed your chance, think again. Now that it's part of the Brandwatch portfolio, there's plenty available to help with these campaigns. Luckily, it's not all business and corporate stuff either. In fact, the Essentials package seems to be a great value for anyone running a small business with a strong desire to break into the world of social media.

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