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With a sleek and compact design, the De'Longhi Lattissima One coffee machine brings you the taste of Nespresso and is ideal for kitchens where space is at a premium. This design is just one of a wide range of some of the best Nespresso machines offered by the De'Longhi Group, known for making stylish appliances.

In 1993, De'Longhi diversified into the production of ground and bean-to-cup machines, and by 2004 had reached an agreement with Nespresso to distribute its capsule coffee machines. De'Longhi now sells a wide range of bean-to-cup, manual and filter/drip coffee machines, as well as its Nespresso range which includes the Lattissima One.

It may be the smallest of the De'Longhi Nepresso range, but the Lattissima One comes with everything you need to create a delicious coffee; from thick, creamy espressos to big, creamy lattes. You'll need to join the Nespresso "club" to use this machine, and the capsules can be recycled through one of Nespresso's recycling programs, details of which can be found online.

El cuerpo de Lattissima One es elegante y offers a premium acabado, y puedes optar por un llamativo diseño en blanco o negro. The 19 bar pressure pump is designed to deliver the right amount of pressure and water flow for the selected coffee, while the milk dispenser uses all the milk in the container so there is no rock.

A quick perusal of the manual will allow you to program the coffee machine to dispense your preferred amount of espresso and enjoy cappuccinos, lattes and espressos, the latter with a satisfyingly thick and smooth crema.

Read on to find out how we managed to make multiple coffees with the Lattissima One, then check out our guide to the best coffee maker (opens in a new tab) to see how it compares to other coffee makers on the market.

De'Longhi Lattissima One price and availability

  • List price: € 229 / € 219 / AU € 449

There are currently seven Nespresso coffee machines available to buy from the De'Longhi range on their site. At time of writing, the De'Longhi Lattissima One is priced at €229 / €179 / AU$449. Keep in mind that you will pay a little more for the black model, although its features are identical to those of the white coffee maker.

If you're looking for a Nespresso machine with touchscreen control that can produce a wider range of coffee options, such as a ristretto or larger latte, then you might want to consider the more expensive De'Longhi Nespresso Lattissima Pro, starting at € 625 / €449 No longer available in Australia.

Design De'Longhi Lattissima One

  • Choose from a wide range of delicious Nespresso capsule flavors
  • Space-saving design is ideal for countertops with limited space
  • Elegant black and white finishes

At just 14,17 x 14,96 x 7,6 inches / 36 x 38 x 19,5 cm (H x W x D), the Lattissima One is significantly smaller than the average capsule machine. At 33,8 fl oz / 1 litre, its water reservoir is just as compact, but that's enough for around nine 110ml lungo cafes before needing to refill. While it's enough for a single cup of coffee at a time, we think this machine may be too limited for larger households; You will need to refill it regularly and clean the milk dispenser. While the water reservoir is easy to lift up and out of the machine to fill, we found its opening to be a bit narrow for our liking.

The machine interface is easy to navigate with three icons to illustrate a choice of a 110ml café lungo, a 40ml espresso and a milk drink. The Rapid Cappuccino System milk dispenser offers three options for coffee with milk, with 30ml to 165ml of milk plus 40ml of espresso. There's no off button, so we had to read the instruction manual to figure out how to turn it off: Press the espresso and lungo buttons simultaneously.

Close up of the Delonghi Nespresso Lattissima one interface

The De'Longhi Lattissima One interface has three icons to display coffee options (Image credit: Future)

The design accommodates a variety of milks and you can fit up to 135ml of dairy (or dairy-free options like oat, soy or almond) in the milk dispenser. The idea is that the machine uses all the milk at once, so there is no waste. We refer to the instructions for use to find out how much milk to add for each drink: 30 ml for an espresso macchiato; 60 ml for a cappuccino; and 135 ml for a latte, for example. We liked being able to fill the milk through the lid, without having to remove the entire compartment from the Rapid Cappuccino System.

The machine comes with a removable step that can be placed over the drip tray to ensure your cup of espresso is closer to the coffee outlet. While this is useful for espresso cups, we found our tea and coffee cups to be too large compared to the rest of the design.

De'Longhi Lattissima One performance

  • Easily prepare espresso and lungo
  • Optical sensor technology limits milk waste
  • Relatively fast and quiet

The Lattissima One can prepare espressos, café lungos and milk drinks to suit your tastes. The machine supports Nespresso capsules that can make espresso or longer milk drinks in less than a minute. The advantage of using capsules is that you can enjoy the benefits of Nespresso's wide range of coffees, including popular options from Livanto, Volluto, Roma and Arpeggio, with minimal mess to clean up afterwards. This machine, on the other hand, won't let you experiment with freshly ground beans and artisanal filter flavors.

The three main control buttons on the top of the machine light up when ready to use. These aren't labeled with text, so you'll need to refer to the manual to understand the meaning of the icons, as they perform functions in addition to your standard 40ml espresso, 110ml long coffee, and milk drink options.

Without a touchscreen to simplify the process of setting up the Lattissima One, making coffee, and turning the machine on and off, we had to refer to the manual to understand how the machine works.

On first use, we had to confirm the hardness of the water with a test strip that came with the machine. After running the strip under the faucet, we consulted the manual to see which buttons we had to press to set the desired water hardness value, a bit of a lengthy process. Then we program the amount of coffee. Although the lungo and espresso controls come pre-programmed with factory settings, you can customize the strength of your coffee by following the instructions in the manual. This setting will be stored for your next coffee. Again, we found this to be relatively simple to do, but would have preferred to use a touch screen to make it easier, and/or another button, separate from the main functions.

To test the Lattissima One, we brewed espresso and cappuccino and timed the brew time, measured the noise level while in use, and whether the coffees had reached the optimum temperature. We were keen to see how well the espresso crema held together and ultimately if it tasted good.

We started by brewing a 40ml espresso, which was delivered at an astonishingly fast rate in less than 10 seconds. Meanwhile, the 110ml lungo was delivered in less than 15 seconds. In use, we were delighted to find the machine surprisingly quiet, measuring just 61dB on the Decibel Meter app. The espresso also came out incredibly hot, at an optimal temperature of 68°C. Once the espresso was brewed, we gently poured in a teaspoon of sugar to see how well the crema held; it worked fine for a few seconds before falling into it. The espresso was satisfying in strength and smooth to drink. We have found that the smaller the cup of coffee, the thicker and more flavorful the crema.

De'Longhi Nespresso Lattissima One

We put sugar on top of an espresso and it held for a few seconds before dripping into the espresso (Image credit: Future)

It's worth noting that this machine doesn't have a separate steam wand for micro-foaming and hot milk by hand, but it does have its own automatic Rapid Cappuccino system for dispensing milk directly into your cup. And that's where De'Longhi's integrated optical sensor technology comes into play. Simply insert your milk and the machine will brew using that exact measurement, resulting in less waste. We liked using this feature to make lattes; the machine does all the work for you and the cleaning process is simple.

El De'Longhi Nespresso Lattissima One holds a Rapid Cappuccino system

The De'Longhi Lattissima One Rapid Cappuccino system is seen here dispensing milk into a cup (Image credit: Future)

We then tried to make a cappuccino, first with oat milk, then dairy, and each of our drinks dispensed in less than 45 seconds. The milk is dispensed into the cup first, so if you wanted to make hot milk without coffee, you had to stop the machine manually after dispensing the milk. We also didn't notice a difference in the textures of the milk and oat milks in our cappuccino cups once we dispensed them. The milk came out hot and slightly foamy, with a temperature of 59°C. Although it tastes mild and a bit lighter than normal, the amount of froth and foam emitted is less than what you'd expect from a handheld steam wand. You won't be able to make amazing latte art either.

De'Longhi Nespresso Lattissima One prepares an espresso

The Rapid Cappuccino system dispenses milk into a cup to make a cappuccino (Image credit: Future)

After each coffee is dispensed, the cleaning indicator lights up to prompt you to clean the Rapid Cappuccino system. We managed to rinse it under the tap several times after simultaneously brewing coffees, but a deeper hand wash would be just as easy and is recommended with regular use.

After making a latte, the machine flashed a light to tell us that it was time to clean the Rapid Cappuccino system. Although you can override it several times, it is not recommended to exceed five gulps of milk before cleaning. This involved disassembling the six pieces that make up the container and cleaning all the individual parts by hand or in the dishwasher. Clean up the rest of...

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