Agorapulse is a software suite that gives you more control over your social media management tasks (Opens in a new tab). It was designed to streamline workflow and can be used by medium to large businesses as well as agencies that focus solely on social media activity. It was designed to work seamlessly with popular social media tools like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

The advantage of Agorapulse is that you can bundle many social media management tasks together under one roof. This means that it can be used to create and publish content, establish better contact with end users, and also monitor the performance of content publications. In fact, the tools and assets that are part of the Agorapulse suite enable business users of all shapes and sizes to maximize their social media output.

Packages and rates

One of the great advantages of Agorapulse is the 15-day free trial (opens in a new tab), which allows you to try all the features and functions without committing. It's also possible to sign up for a demo, which could be beneficial for anyone unfamiliar with the interface and its capabilities.

If you're impressed enough with what Agorapulse can do, there are pricing plans to suit any type of user. If you choose to pay annually, you could save up to 20% on all prices compared to paying monthly.

The first package (opens in a new tab) is really free and allows people to dive into the world of social media management, without any real commitment. Of course, it will come with limitations, so it's probably best to head over to the Pro edition (opens in a new tab) soon after. This is especially true if you work in a small team with just a few people coordinating social media management campaigns. It currently costs €79 per month when billed annually and offers 10 social profiles for 2 users.

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There is also an Enterprise package (opens in a new tab), which can be tailored to meet more specific business needs, and you will need to contact Agorapulse sales to see a demo in action and configure a package for your needs. . It is the most robust of the bunch, with 40 or more social profiles supported and the ability to include 8 users.

Moving up the social media management ladder, the next package is Premium (Opens in a new tab), which includes a more comprehensive list of features and is ideal for large teams and agencies. It costs €199 per month when billed annually and offers 20 social profiles for 4 users.


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Basic characteristics

The same goes for engagement tools, with the ability to manage Google My Business reviews, the provision of an advanced social inbox, social CRM tools, feedback monitoring, and an automated inbox all part of the powerful feature set. Agorapulse is also packed with reporting tools, especially in the high-end packages with many features that help you calculate your return on investment (ROI).

One of the most attractive aspects of Agorapulse is that it can be used on several different levels as needed. The software can also be upgraded with Pro, Premium, and Enterprise editions, all of which are fully upgradeable. You can also add additional social profiles for the Premium Edition as well as additional users.


Meanwhile, the core functionality defined in Agorapulse focuses on publishing, engagement, and reporting. Unsurprisingly, the free edition is slimmer, with only 10 scheduled posts allowed at a time. This compares to the unlimited capacity of the Pro edition. There's also plenty of publishing power, with things like content tagging, a unified calendar, and bulk scheduling adding punch to the Pro package.

If you commit to the Premium edition, you'll see the features and functionality explode, with an asset library of up to 500 images and 20 videos, plus the ability to assign and approve posts. Calendar sharing is also more substantial here.


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Premium features

It's definitely worth considering some of the premium plugins you can get to boost Agorapulse's potential. You can choose between Power Reports, Shared Calendars, and Facebook Competitor Reports, all of which add additional weight to the software. If you have opted for the Enterprise edition, this can be further tailored to individual needs.


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Interface and in use

Mounting successful social media campaigns can mean juggling many dishes at once to get the job done efficiently. Fortunately, Agorapulse has developed an interface that is perfect for time-pressed executives who need to update, sometimes on the fly. In fact, the app side offers another boost, letting you coordinate campaigns whether you're working in the office, remotely, or on the go.


For many companies making their first foray into the world of social media management, it's the support levels that often make the difference between signing up or not. Agorapulse offers a lot of help on this front. There is a dedicated support portal, which shares a similar setup to many others in this area, with help topics and searchable tutorials.

Also look for a number of additional customer support options, including email, email and chat or priority email, chat and phone support. The options get broader as you upgrade to more expensive packages, but help is never far away no matter which edition you adopt. The Enterprise edition tops it all, with one-on-one training instead of group training in the Pro package, as well as a dedicated account manager.


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The social media management market is a hive of activity, with many options aimed at helping businesses get the most out of their campaigns. As an alternative to Agorapulse, you can choose from extremely popular options including SocialPilot, Buffer, eClincher, Sendible, Statusbrew, Loomly, and Hootsuite, all of which are very decent competitors worth considering.

final verdict

Agorapulse will meet the social media management needs of any type of business, but is best suited for larger companies and agencies, which can exploit its full potential. Reporting capabilities in particular make Agorapulse a powerful data provider. If you run concerted social media campaigns, this software can give you a lot of information to justify your return on investment.

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