Sodastream Spirit One Touch Review

Sodastream Spirit One Touch Review

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There's nothing more refreshing than a glass of ice-cold sparkling water or flavored soda straight from the fridge, but buying these beverages at the supermarket adds to the mountain of single-use plastic we generate.

According to research published as part of Earth Day 2018, Americans buy around 50 billion bottles of water a year, which works out to 13 bottles per person per month, and many of them go to landfill if not cleaned. they recycle or, worse yet, they end up. polluting oceans, lakes and rivers.

That's where a Sodastream, the handy kitchen appliance that turns tap water into sparkling water at the touch of a button, can help. First launched in 1903, Sodstreams became popular in the 1970s and 1980s, but fell out of favor as juicers and shakers became more popular, leading to a rise in the best juicers and blenders. However, they are back in fashion, less for their ability to create carbonated beverages and more for the fact that they can significantly reduce single-use plastic waste.

However, they are back in fashion, both for the fact that they can drastically reduce single-use plastic waste in this green age and for their ability to create soft drinks.

Sodastream Spirit One Touch is the brand's premium carbonated watermaker. The compact device is easy to use and can produce sparkling water with three different levels of carbonation: light, medium or strong, depending on your mood.

Sodastream also offers a range of flavors you can add to your sparkling water to create refreshments, with brands like Pepsi and 7UP available alongside generic cola and tonic syrups, and Kom Bucha, soda au ginger and other fruit-based syrups.

At $129.99 / £129.99 / AU$149.99, the Sodastream is an expensive kitchen appliance, especially when you factor in the cost of additional gas cylinders, syrups and flavorings. However, we believe that for most people the cost is easily outweighed by the positive impact that using Sodastream has on the environment.

The side view of Sodastream Spirit One Touch without a bottle inserted on the kitchen counter

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Sodastream Spirit One Touch Price and Availability

The Sodastream Spirit One Touch is priced at $129.99 / £129.99 / AU$149.99 and is available direct from Sodastream and on Amazon. This is a starter pack, which includes a carbonation cylinder, enough to create 15 gallons/60 liters of sparkling water, and a 34 fl oz/1 liter reusable plastic bottle.

Additional cylinders cost €19,99 / €19,99 / AU$21,95 for a double pack, while a replacement gas cylinder will set you back €14,99 / €12,99 / AU$35. In the US and UK, you can also return your empty bottles to Sodastream free of charge using the box and label provided, although in the UK you will need to pay a €10 deposit, which will be refunded when the empty bottle is received. by soda flow. .

In Australia, empty bottles can only be exchanged in stores.

The rear view of the Sodastream Spirit One Touch on a kitchen counter, with the gas bottle exposed

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The Sodastream Spirit One Touch is a large yet compact mains powered device. It has a cylindrical design and measures 16,88 x 5,5 x 7,8 inches / 42,9 x 14 x 19,8 cm. With the gas cylinder attached, it is quite heavy, weighing in at 7,7lbs/3,5kg. It comes in black or white finishes and features a stylish hole pattern on the front.

The back of the device houses the gas cylinder, which can carbonate up to 15 gallons/60 liters of water. The 34 fl oz / 1 liter plastic bottle that comes with the Spirit One Touch is filled with tap water and inserted at an angle into the cavity at the front so that the carbonation tube rests in the water.

At the top of the device are three buttons surrounded by blue LED rings that select the level of carbonation. The water bottle is BPA free, but cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The top of the Sodastream Spirit One Touch on a kitchen counter

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The Sodastream Spirit One Touch is extremely easy to use. Once you've inserted the bottle, which needs to be pushed up and back to snap into place, press any button to light up the bubble strength menu, then select the strength you need. The LED ring around the selected button will flash during carbonation and will flash rapidly three times when carbonation is complete.

Carbonation is automatic, unlike some Sodastream models that require you to repeatedly press a button, and in one test we found that it only took nine seconds to carbonate the water at the lowest force, resulting in the addition of five gas injections. of water. .

Six hits of gas, which create medium-strength bubbles, took 11 seconds to dispense, while on the strongest carbonation setting seven hits of gas were added to the water in just 14 seconds. When the water is ready, all you have to do is pull the bottle towards you and down to release it.

Our decibel meter hit 71,1 dB during carbonation, a noise level similar to that of a mid-cycle dishwasher, which is more than acceptable.

The Sodastream Spirit One Touch in the middle of carbonated water on a kitchen counter

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