Technical sheet of the electric shaver

Here are the specifications of the Remington F6:

Recommended uses: wet and dry.
Cutting length range: short beards and daily stubble
Battery life: 60 minutes
Battery Type: Rechargeable Li-ion
Accessories: straw protector, cleaning brush, travel bag Weight: 203 g

Remington's F6 Style Series Aqua Electric Shaver sits alongside the brand's rotary-based R6 model as a compact foil shaver for those who like to keep things neat and tidy.

Designed to be 100% waterproof, it's suitable for both wet and dry use and works with shaving foams, gels or as a direct-to-skin trimmer that aims to rival similarly priced shavers from Braun and Philips.

It comes with Remington's exclusive ControlCut technology and a pop-up trimmer to sculpt hair follicles more precisely, while the included beard guard offers the ability to hide longer beards without going all the way to baby's bottom.

But is the Remington F6 any good? Well, the answer will depend on your tolerance for multiple hits to your face. This is a durable, easy-to-use razor that delivers on its promise of everyday convenience, but its overall performance is more than adequate for its relatively high price.

Read on to see how the Remington F6 Style Series Aqua fared in our tests, then head over to our best beard trimmers and electric shavers guide (opens in a new tab) to see where it stacks up against the competition.

Remington F6 Style Series Aqua in the mano

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Remington F6 Style Series Aqua price and availability

  • Available in the UK for €109.99, but with regular discounts

The Remington F6 Style Series Aqua Electric Shaver is available to buy in the UK for £109.99 from Remington (opens in a new tab) direct. However, at major retailers like Amazon (Opens in a new tab) and Boots (Opens in a new tab), the mower is for sale, and has been for a while, for less than half that price (€48 and £99, respectively).

At less than €50, the F6 is on par with the Braun Series 3 in price, but its recommended retail price (RRP) of €109,99 puts it at the higher end of mid-range electric shavers.

If you're in the US, the Remington F5 Power series (available for €54.99 - opens in a new tab)) is the most comparable shaver model to the F6 in the UK and Europe alone, while those in Australia you should look for the regular Remington F5. (available for AU€99,95 (opens in a new tab)).

Value: 3/5

Remington F6 Style Series Aqua Design

  • 100% waterproof
  • swivel head with lock
  • USB charging compatibility

Design-wise, the Remington F6 Style Series Aqua is a fairly conventional-looking shaver, though its electrical components are neatly encased in a waterproof casing that makes it feel more premium in the hand than other products in the same price range. .

It weighs in at a comfortable 203g (about the same as a Braun Series 3) and comes with a removable beard guard, cleaning brush and travel bag as standard. Plus, you won't need to do any assembly when you first take it out of the box.

Our sampler also comes fully loaded, so in all likelihood you'll be able to start shaving as soon as you open it. When you need to charge the F6, you can do so using the included USB charging cable, which offers the option of connecting the shaver to any compatible power source - a nice change from the standard two-prong we've come to expect from most grooming products on the market. these days.

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Remington F6 Style Series Aqua in the mano(Image credit: future)Remington F6 Style Series Aqua in the mano(Image credit: future)Remington F6 Style Series Aqua in the mano(Image credit: future)

So far so good, right? Well, yes, it sure is a good piece of equipment. Unfortunately, the F6's comfort for the eyes doesn't translate to comfort for the face, mainly because its pivoting head is unnecessarily wide.

For whatever reason, Remington decided to make the plastic housing that houses the F6 blades much larger than the blades themselves. Compare this layout to the Braun Series 3, which has a much narrower blade housing, and the F6's design is noticeably more intrusive when shaving.

Granted, the width of the F6 head makes it easy to remove and therefore easy to clean (running the blades under water will quickly remove most hairs), but most models in the range of Braun shavers retain the same ease of shrinkage without the wholesale excess. .

Design: 4/5

Remington F6 Style Series Aquatic Performance

  • ControlCut cutting technology
  • Pop-up precision trimmer

When it comes to shaver performance, the Remington F6 is as easy to use as it sounds. Simply press the power button in the center of its handle and you're ready to start trimming right away.

When it comes to noise, it's no louder or quieter than similarly priced shavers, and once you learn how to shave with its aforementioned mega head, it's easy to use.

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Remington F6 Style Series Aqua razor head in hand(Image credit: future)Remington F6 Style Series Aqua in the mano(Image credit: future)

However, the performance of the F6 blades is less satisfactory in the immediate future. This particular shaver has what Remington calls its ControlCut cutting technology, a blade configuration that is supposed to combine "a micro-comb and an interceptor trimmer." [to] capture even low-lying hairs with ease. In practice, the F6 gets to those low hairs, but only after several passes across the face.

And, as with any beard trimmer, the more passes you make, the more prone you are to getting unwanted skin snags. Of course, if you are careful with your grooming work, these cuts can be avoided; But higher-end trimmers eliminate this risk by offering an instant close shave.

The same goes for the F6's pop-up precision trimmer. It is certainly a nice addition; however, in reality, it just doesn't work as effectively as it should (although it's worth noting that even comparable models from Braun struggle on this front).

Yield: 3/5

Remington F6 Style Series Aqua in the mano

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Remington F6 Style Series Aqua Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, the Remington F6 excels. As mentioned, it arrives fully charged right out of the box and you'll get a full hour of cordless use before you need to plug in your USB charger.

60 minutes is the figure claimed by Remington, and we've found it to be accurate to almost the minute. In our tests, we managed six 10-minute shaving sessions before the power light started flashing.

The F6 takes a bit longer to charge (Remington's 90-minute claim proved accurate in our test), but the razor allows for a convenient five-minute quick charge that gives you enough juice for those unexpected last-minute shaving sessions. hour.

Unfortunately the F6's lithium-ion battery can't be swapped out for a fully charged one - you just get the battery inside the shaver - but that's not something we'd expect - a shaver that's around £100.

Battery life: 5/5

Remington F6 Style Series Aqua without box on a brown wooden table

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Remington Style F6 Series Aqua Scorecard

Swipe to scroll horizontally. Attributes Notes Rating Value Great battery life and convenient charging options come at the cost of average shaving performance. It's not the sharpest tool around.3/5Battery LifeThe F6's battery is long-lasting, fast, and easy to charge.5/5

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  • First revision: October 2022

Remington F6 Style Series Aqua: Price Comparison

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