Give a cooler summer with the tower fan

Mother's Day? Father's day? An upcoming birthday? Finding a great gift for someone is always difficult, but you have a solid seasonal option ahead of you with the Dreo Pilot Max Tower Fan.

Now, you may be hesitating to buy a device for someone. After all, devices usually take up a lot of space and consume a lot of electricity, right? That's actually part of what makes the Dreo Pilot Max such a great gift. It's a powerful tower fan that will keep your friends or family warm again in the summer without using a ton of electricity or taking up a lot of space.

As a tower fan, the Dreo Pilot Max only needs a bit of floor space. Its height does the heavy lifting with a 42-inch turbine fan that creates a huge column of moving air that typical case or pedestal fans would struggle to keep up with. The fan can move 1,475 cubic feet of air every minute, so you'll be providing airflow. And air circulation is key to staying cool in the summer heat.

El destinatario de su regalo podrá marcar cualquier cosa, desde una brisa relajante tan tranquila que podría dormir hasta un poderoso vendaval de 26 pies por segundo que nunca permitirá que el calor del verano tenga la oportunidad de morar en él. Un rango de oscilación de 120 grados y un rango de soplado de 32 pies permiten que el Dreo Pilot Max cubra incluso habitaciones grandes con su flujo de aire de enfriamiento.

The Dreo Pilot Max also has a sleek design that will give your recipients' home an extra touch of class. The energy you use will also mesh nicely with your electric bill - it's a gift that keeps on giving. Running the fan for three months on its lowest setting would only cost a little over a dollar. The fan also includes a sleep timer, so it won't accidentally stay on for that long.

Si bien los ventiladores normales tienden a acumular una tonelada de polvo con el tiempo y se vuelven desagradables a la vista porque son muy difíciles de limpiar, el Dreo Pilot Max tiene una rejilla extraíble que facilita la limpieza. Si el destinatario del obsequio usa un ventilador clásico, esta mejora de la calidad de vida por sí sola podría ser un obsequio suficiente antes de considerar todos los demás aspectos excelentes del Pilot Max.

If you want to keep your loved one cool this summer (and maybe yourself when you visit), you can pick up the Dreo Pilot Max directly from Dreo or find it at Amazon or Walmart.

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