So you managed to pick up a PS5 pre-order. Maybe even a PlayStation 5 bundle with an extra DualSense controller and some PS5 games. Well played! You have taken your first steps towards the next generation of gaming.

But Sony is also shipping a host of accessories to go along with its new console, from headsets to multimedia remote controls. They are self explanatory, but what can you do with the new PS5 HD camera?

How much does the PS5 HD camera cost? And when will it be released?

The PS5 HD camera will launch alongside the PS5 itself on November 12. It costs € 59.99 / € 49.99 / AU € 99.95.

What is the PS5 HD camera for?


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He films you! Of course! But it's a really useful tool if you're one of the growing number of gamers, professionals and amateurs alike, the avid streamers, who share their opinions on games with an audience in real time while you play. Apps like Twitch and YouTube Gaming have huge followings and many popular celebrity streamers, many of whom make a living from endorsement deals, such is the size of their audience. The PS5's DualSense controller has a dedicated 'Create' button, which allows you to jump right into the consoles' streaming and video editing features.

The camera itself captures 1080p video, so it's not the highest resolution for current 4K standards, but it has two wide angle lenses. Not only are these great for getting a wide view of your surroundings from a position relatively close to the person being filmed, they could also be used for depth perception, as perhaps needed for any future. PlayStation VR Headset.

As for where to put it, the PS5 HD camera is located above or below your TV, attached to your console and via a built-in kickstand. It can be tilted and adjusted according to your needs.

Clever PS5 HD Camera Trick: Background Removal

New PS5 accessory details: DualSense upgradable, HD camera will be able to remove background and more | hobbyconsoles

(Image credit: Sony

Did you enjoy using the fun virtual background options of the video conferencing software while blocking? It seems that the HD camera of PS5 and PS5 will be able to offer something similar.

A built-in background removal tool will allow those using the PS5 HD Camera crop around their environment to get just the essentials in the frame, or remove it entirely as a green screen, leaving them free to sit right in front of the game action in your clips.

Do you need the PS5 HD camera?

Are you a hardcore gaming streamer, who enjoys putting your face, as well as your voice, into footage of you playing your favorite games? Then the camera accessory might be right for you. This is a kit designed for PS5, built by Sony, and will probably offer the most seamless way to make, share and edit your videos within the interface of the PlayStation 5 console itself.

However, we have yet to see this interface work, or third-party alternatives that may offer more features for their respective prices. At this early stage of the next-gen game, it might be worth waiting for streamers to see what other manufacturers have planned, as well as how services like Twitch and YouTube plan to integrate into the new console.

For all, we believe that you can transmit the camera safely. There are no specific in-game features that use it yet, though that may of course change in the future. The only exception would be if this were to be a requirement for a next-gen PlayStation VR 2 headset, but that has yet to be announced. If you want to use your current PSVR headset for backwards compatible gaming, Sony says it will work with the PS5, which means your camera probably will too. For now, we'd say you can save money and skip the PS5 HD camera.

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HD Camera - PlayStation 5
HD Camera - PlayStation 5
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