El ERP Software It is a business management system or business resource planning, which is responsible for improving its internal operations such as:

  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Human Resources

The main objective of this system is to increase the productivity of the company, by integrating effective solutions to improve the internal processes and organization of the company, the main advantages of the ERP include:

  • Availability of the information of the company's departments in a platform
  • Automation of business processes
  • Database Integration
  • Cost savings

The versatility of the ERP makes it suitable for all types of companies, both multinationals and SMEs, its customizable modules allow it to offer integrated solutions related to the operational aspects of the company at the level of purchases, production, logistics, finances and customer service.

The ERP has the SAT: (Technical attention service) software developed for companies that perform maintenance, repair and installation services, which provides them with a series of specific functions to maximize the efficiency of their activities.

The SAT allows you to organize customer service management, through the use of the appropriate tools, what you can do with this system includes:

  • Product warranty control
  • Notice management
  • Assignment and notification of notices to technicians
  • Generation of work orders
  • Geolocation of technicians
  • Work Order Billing
  • Accounting information integrated in real time
  • Access from any device
  • Open platform for the integration of new applications

Our Work parts of the SAT allow to organize customer service effectively, adapting to the needs of the service company, the parts can be organized by technician, project, customer assignment or installation.

The ERP management software with the best functions is Kubysoft, which has the characteristic of being adaptable and customizable, knows more information about Kubysoft and its technology to simplify the information flows of a company.

Due to the fact that the ERP is a software that integrates the processes of a company, to improve management in terms of coordination and efficiency, it offers the client the following benefits:

  • Optimize business management
  • Centralizes information improving decision making
  • Provides data security
  • Modularity and scalability, promoting the growth and evolution of the company
  • Task automation
  • Greater management control

The functions of the ERP are to integrate and manage the processes of a company in order to increase its productivity, optimizing access to information and response capacity to control internal business management in real time.


The ERP software is a digital tool that has transformed the management of companies, by automating internal processes, so as to increase its productivity by offering better results to achieve the objectives of efficiency and quality.

ERP is the basic organizational structure of a company, with the various services provided, good results are achieved in the management of the company, differentiating itself from the competition by adapting to the needs of customers.


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