Amazon's annual Prime Day Deals event is drawing to a close in most regions, which means you're either eagerly awaiting the arrival of your shiny new purchase or lamenting that you missed out on a bargain. You can also be thankful that the whole ordeal is almost over for another year.

Either way, millions of Amazon shoppers will have flocked to the online retailer's virtual store over the past 48 hours in hopes of getting laptops, cookware and other popular items at discounted prices, but not all customers of Prime Day will be completely satisfied with the products that finally arrive at their doors.

As such, those unlucky souls may soon be wondering if they can return their Prime Day purchases to Amazon, and here's everything you need to know about the company's Prime Day return policy.

Let's start with the basics: The Amazon Prime Day return policy is the same as any other day of the year. In other words, there is no specific Prime Day return policy.

Most items purchased through Amazon, including all Amazon devices, can generally be returned within 30 days of purchase, and the same applies to products purchased during Prime Day. Amazon will sometimes process requested returns 30-60 days after purchase, but the retailer may charge a restocking fee in such cases.

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Naturally, some items (downloadable software, prepaid game cards, personal care products, etc.) – are non-returnable at any time during the year, and you can check this list (opens in a new tab) for the breakdown full list of non-returnable items to see if your last Amazon purchase falls into this category.

Not all returnable purchases are eligible for free returns, but products that include free returns will have a bold message next to their price list.

It also goes without saying that a return processed after Prime Day will only result in a refund equal to the price paid at the time of purchase (ie the sale price); you can't buy an item at a discount and expect a full price refund a week later. .

There you have it: Prime Day on Amazon is just like any other day on Amazon (except for thousands of discounted items) and it doesn't affect your right to return purchases you're not happy with.

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