PS5 supply issues 'resolved' in Asia, but what about the US and UK?

PS5 supply issues 'resolved' in Asia, but what about the US and UK?

PS5 shortages have been "resolved" in Japan and Asia, according to Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Here's what it could mean for the rest of the world before next year.

Speaking at the recent annual PlayStation Partner Awards, Ryan addressed PS5 availability issues in the region, explaining how the company will be able to "deliver" through 2023, according to the Official Japanese PlayStation Blog (Opens in a new tab).

We've extensively covered PS5 weirdness over the past two years since the system first hit the market in November 2020. We're still struggling to get our hands on the console.

Despite the supply issues the PS5 has suffered since its launch, that hasn't stopped Sony from selling more than 20 million units at the start of the year, according to Veronica Rogers, SIE's global sales director, in an interview with Gamesindustry. .biz. Rogers said that she "expects PS5 production to increase significantly this year." Now, at the end of 2022, things look more rosy for console stock than at any time since launch.

With Ryan promising that the shortage is over in his home turf, time will tell if it will be easier to get hold of for those who need to see some of the best PS5 games. If you can get your hands on the PS5, these are the top three games you should be playing.

Will the PS5 be more available in 2023?

Judging by the fact that we've seen PS5 availability increase in the US and UK throughout the year, it seems likely that more people will be able to get their hands on the console. Those in the UK had the opportunity to purchase packs from major retailers during the second half of this year. In the United States, retailers such as Best Buy - opens in a new tab and Amazon - opens in a new tab offer the console on a one-click or invite-only basis, respectively. We hope that next year the shortage will end completely.

Why is the PS5 still hard to find in stores?

The simple answer is that the semiconductor shortage caused by the global pandemic is still having profound consequences nearly three years later. The hardware manufacturer has struggled to accommodate these unforeseen circumstances, as internal motherboards have changed multiple times over the years. A PS5 price increase was also introduced in an attempt to make more consoles and release them this summer as well. Next year will show whether those controversial decisions paid off.