XRP Price Prediction: Can XRP 10x Be In The Next Bull Market?

XRP Price Prediction: Can XRP 10x Be In The Next Bull Market?

Considering the market slowdown, the XRP price prediction remains bearish as it broke through a symmetrical support level at €0.3735. However, XRP is now trading just above the €0.3470 double bottom support level. Can XRP Rise 10x in the Next Bull Market? Let's find out!

As reported by CNBC, former hedge fund manager Jim Cramer has discovered what some in the crypto industry may consider an absurd reason to be bearish on XRP, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

"Mad Money with Jim Cramer" is Cramer's CNBC show. In addition to his work as co-anchor of CNBC's "Squawk on the Street," he also helped launch the financial news website TheStreet. Cramer discussed cryptocurrencies yesterday during an interview with CNBC's "Squawk Box" co-host Becky Quick.

“I think you should be negative on crypto… I'm negative on XRP, Litecoin and Dogecoin because I haven't found anyone to actually take them yet… It's like €80 billion with a non-Bitcoin currency that they're really destined to disappear." , and there are still people who confuse blockchain with them. And I keep saying that if blockchain is so cool, why would the geniuses at Amazon and d'Would Alphabet use blockchain?

The longstanding hostility between Cardano and Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson and the XRP community appears to have come to an end after Hoskinson publicly cut ties with the project via a divisive post stating he would not collaborate. with a company that offered him no technical or partnership value. .

Charles Hoskinson: XRP has no technical value, move on

Hoskinson was called out after commenting on the problems he was having with the XRP community and the project itself, noting that he had made similar comments about Bitcoin developers and hinted that they would not attend a conference they were invited to due to insults on twitter

Hoskinson was quick to defend himself, adding that he saw no point in attracting such negative energy. He went on to say that the XRP ecosystem is toxic and irrelevant, and that the cryptocurrency itself “offers no partnerships or technological value.”

Unsurprisingly, Hoskinson's comments sparked a storm of angry tweets from XRP supporters and community members who said they would no longer support Cardano and would sell all their holdings rather than see their favorite crypto currency dealt with. so much disrespect

Cardano holders, who normally own both ADA and XRP and do not choose sides, have surprisingly banded together to protect XRP and its community.

XRP Price Prediction

On the technical side, the XRP/USD pair is trading at €0,3510 with a slight bearish bias. On the 4 hour time frame, XRP broke out of a symmetrical triangle pattern which supported it near €0.3730. This is the same level where the 50-day moving average acts as resistance, helping to drive down the price of XRP.