Given the slowdown in the cryptocurrency market, the price prediction of (*10*) remains bearish as it broke above the €0,3900 uptrend line support level. Ripple's lawyer, John E. Deaton, warned the neighborhood to be vigilant in a tweet.

The lawyer further claimed that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), under the leadership of Gary Gensler, is not done with crypto businesses.

Furthermore, Deaton said that the SEC's decision to increase its staff by 50% was motivated by a desire to destroy the cryptocurrency industry.

In response to a tweet from Bitboy Crypto, in which he cited the SEC's bromance with the FTX creator, Deaton said that the app was the only thing on the regulator's mind.

Deaton expanded on the SEC's action plan, saying that the SEC itself could be another big deal that negatively impacts the market. To quote what he had to say:

“I believe it even more today because it could cause another 50% collapse. Then the incumbents take a larger part.

As a result of this news, (*10*) fell from the list of top performing cryptocurrencies.

Top Ten Most Valuable US Startups Include Ripple

Only one cryptocurrency company, Ripple, makes the list of the 10 most valuable US companies.

According to data compiled by Finbold, Ripple, worth €15 billion, was found to be ranked XNUMXth, and it has grown at such a rapid pace that it is now the only cryptocurrency-related company in the top ten most valuable startups. of the world. the United States. .

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