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Warner Bros.'s upcoming superhero game Gotham Knights has gamers buzzing after a photo, purportedly taken at an Irish video game store, surfaced online showing the game launching next month.

The image, which was first shared by the Hogwarts Legacy News Twitter account, shows what appears to be a promotional copy of Gotham Knights on a shelf, covered with a tag that reads "Coming Soon!" next to a date of April 24.

The image was shared on gaming forums and Reddit, with some fans excitedly believing that Gotham Knights will release next month; others, however, doubt the validity of the given date.

Speculation of an imminent release was further fueled when an app titled "Gotham Knights playtest" briefly appeared on Steam over the weekend of March 5. As spotted by PCGamesN, SteamDB logged the playtest details and lists the game as requiring 82.4GB of storage space.

While there are no further details as to why playtesting was briefly mentioned, whether it's for internal development purposes or if it's a sign that a public beta is coming soon, this is fueling more speculation than a release date. firm could be imminent. .

So far, we know that Gotham Knights will release later this year, after being pushed back from its original 2021 release window. WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar reiterated the 2022 release schedule earlier in the year in a series of comments. Tweets, alleviating fans' concerns that they would be waiting much longer.

In development at Warner Bros. Montreal, the studio behind Batman: Arkham Origins, Gotham Knights will blend the DC superhero formula. Although set in Gotham City, Batman will not appear. Instead, you'll play as Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood, who will replace the Caped Crusader after his untimely death.

Gotham Knights coming out sooner than expected? I just saw it in an Irish game store. #GothamKnights #Batman pic.twitter.com/6ooiQ7MjkRMMarch 4, 2022

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Analysis: Will Gotham Knights be released in April?

Gamers interested in getting their hands on DC's next game may want to believe that Gotham Knights is getting a surprise release next month, but we won't be holding our breath.

It's rare for retailers to receive information about upcoming video game releases before those details are made public. This is largely to prevent accidental leaks like this from happening. It's unclear why a video game store in Ireland would get an update on the game's expected release date, or why Warner Bros. would release the title massively without several weeks of marketing to build interest.

It's also worth noting that April 24th is a Sunday, which would be an unusual day of the week for a massive triple-A video game release. Most major titles release on a weekday.

It is more likely that this retailer mistakenly published Gotham Knights with an inaccurate release date, possibly mistaking the game for another or mixing up their schedules. For now, we'd ignore the photo and be grateful if the game's Steam test seems to confirm that development on the game is still underway.

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