Finding the right provider for any hosting solution can be a hassle, but even more so if you're upgrading to VPS for the first time and aren't sure what to look for. If your business has finally outgrown shared hosting and you're looking for a great VPS solution, check out eukhost, a company that not only provides great hosting, but also service and support, making it ideal for new users. of VPS. . Here is a complete guide on why they are the leading managed VPS hosting provider in 2022.

A managed VPS solution

VPS packages are managed or unmanaged. If you choose unmanaged, you will be tasked with managing the server yourself. This includes operating system updates and patches, server monitoring, and server security. These are tasks that can be technically difficult for inexperienced people and can drain employees' time.

eukhost provides a managed solution for Linux and Windows VPS. This means it will perform server administration tasks on your behalf, eliminating technical challenges and freeing up staff for more important tasks.

In addition, eukhost management is flexible and the support customers receive is often much higher than that provided by other hosts. For example, when it comes to server monitoring, eukhost is very proactive. If a problem is detected, rather than simply alerting you, the problem is often fixed before you know it. This allows your VPS to function optimally and helps ensure the security of your data.

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Hardware you can trust

Although your VPS is a virtual machine, it depends on the physical infrastructure for its reliability, speed, and performance.

In terms of reliability, eukhost guarantees a minimum 99,9% uptime for their VPS, which is high for this type of hosting. Also, as a virtual machine, it can be moved seamlessly between physical machines, allowing for proactive hardware maintenance without downtime. And with multiple data centers across the UK, your VPS can be replicated to another location, protecting your service even if one of the data centers is completely offline. As a result, you get a highly reliable hosting service to keep your website and applications available.

eukhost's state-of-the-art infrastructure offers more than reliability. It also offers exceptional speed and performance, which are essential for ensuring that websites and applications run quickly and efficiently, even during times of heavy traffic or heavy workloads. The hardware underpinning an eukhost VPS includes the latest Intel Xeon processors, enterprise-class solid state drives, high-speed DDR4 memory, and high-performance RAID controllers. Intel Xeons offer cutting-edge performance, while SSDs offer extremely fast read/write times and, since they have no moving parts, are less prone to failure than traditional hard drives. Overall, this gives customers superior speed and performance that more closely resembles a dedicated server than shared hosting.

Elections that matter

When you switch from shared hosting to VPS, it's usually because your business is growing and you want to do more with your hosting. To do this, you not only need a bigger and more powerful hosting solution, like VPS, but you also need the freedom to make decisions about other important hosting options. One of them is the operating system. In general, you can choose between Linux or Windows operating systems. However, which version of Linux or Windows you get is usually the vendor's choice. This is not the case with eukhost, which offers different versions of each, including legacy versions of Windows for those whose software requires it.

eukhost also offers a selection of control panels. These include industry leaders Plesk and cPanel. If you have used them for shared hosting before, it will make the transition to VPS much easier as you will be familiar with the dashboard and tools. However, if you've never come across these control panels before, you'll be pleased with how easy they make it to manage your hosting and website. Its wide range of features and user-friendly interface make it easy to perform tasks like adding new domains, creating email accounts, setting up databases, managing user accounts, tightening security, managing folders and files, and much more.

Of course you can also choose the VPS package. eukhost offers four, ranging from their Starter plan to their Enterprise plan. Between them, they offer a variety of vCPU cores, RAM sizes, and SSD storage capacity to meet the needs of almost any business. However, if you need even more space and power, eukhost also offers dedicated servers and cloud solutions. It also means that if you do end up outgrowing your VPS, you won't have to worry about finding another host for a larger solution. Everything is in place to support your business throughout your journey.

Eukhost VPS Hosting

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Security and business continuity

No business can afford to ignore their IT security and this is a factor you need to consider when choosing a VPS hosting provider. eukhost delivers the goods here in several important ways, providing custom firewall rules, intrusion prevention, anti-DDoS, VPN, anti-malware, and application security to protect your VPS 24 hours a day. It also offers an exceptional backup solution. that not only backs up and updates all your data, including your entire server, if needed, but also lets you schedule automatic backups as often as you need, encrypt them for security, and check their integrity to ensure they're working properly if you ever need to use them .

Together, these eukhost VPS hosting features provide the strong security and business continuity that growing businesses need in an era where cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and prolific.

Technical support

Although it's the last thing discussed here, the quality of technical support is often paramount when it comes to finding the right provider, especially if a business is moving to a new host or some form of hosting they're unfamiliar with. Every business faces technical challenges with their IT, whether it's something simple like getting help installing a new app or dealing with a major issue like ransomware or a broken website. In many situations, companies don't have the in-house expertise to resolve these issues quickly and efficiently, which can lead to delays and downtime and all the problems they cause.

The technical support provided by eukhost is world class. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year and accessible by phone, email, live chat or ticket, customers have 24-hour access to trained and experienced technicians who can provide assistance and expert advice to help. they solve your accommodation problems. And this is provided free of charge, as part of the company's service. Read the 3000+ reviews the company has on Trustpilot and you'll see that the quality of the support is mentioned time and time again, proving how valuable its customers find it. Overall, it has a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot and Google.


eukhost has been in the hosting business for over 20 years, which means they have a wealth of experience in creating services tailored to customer needs. Their VPS solutions are no exception, whether it's in terms of reliability, speed, performance, and security or in the choice of package, hosting features, the freedom to do what you need, and the quality of service and support. In this sense, eukhost is the first managed VPS hosting provider in 2022.

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