The Microsoft Teams update will prevent you from bothering your

Microsoft is expected to release a new feature for Microsoft Teams later in the year. And it will make it easier for users to add new members to group chats, according to an entry in the company's roadmap (opens in a new tab).

The description says: "Add new chat participants with @mention, eliminating the need to navigate to the Add dialog."

However, less computer-savvy employees may be less excited about the news, not realizing that an @mention has added them to a new group, potentially missing out on crucial information.

team group chats

This redesign makes it even easier to add new chat members, which is perfect for businesses with multiple chat channels, as well as onboarding new employees.

Overall, the streamlined process should see chat efficiency improve, allowing for easier online collaboration with colleagues.

The description continues: "When adding a new participant, you can control how much chat history to share," which can be useful for protecting sensitive information.

Microsoft plans to release this update in December 2022, but for now it appears that it is still developing and testing the method.

In an effort to hold its own against a host of alternatives to Microsoft Teams, the company regularly updates Teams, sharing succinct and sometimes cryptic hints about its roadmap.

Also slated for a December 2022 release, users will soon be able to remove threads from their view to help maintain clarity.

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