The new Google Pixel Watch will be a pretty slim little smartwatch, if a leak on Reddit (opens in a new tab) proves accurate. Our friends at PhoneArena (opens in a new tab) noticed that a leaker opened up a demo unit of the new Pixel Watch and took numerous photos from all angles showing off the shiny black dial, strap, and charger that will come in the box.

Google showed us photos of the Pixel Watch at its Google I/O event last spring, but details and images of the new smartwatch have been scarce since then. This new leak shows us the device from all sides, giving us an idea of ​​how slim it is and how curved the top is. The Pixel Watch looks much more complete than, say, the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

(Image credit: Reddit/@Suckmyn00dle)

The leaked watch comes in a polished stainless steel case with an activated carbon-style strap. We expect to see a black case option, as well as a possible gold color. For bands, we expect a wide variety of more fashionable leather and gummy active styles.

The leak also gives us a good look at the Pixel Watch's packaging, which provides some new details. The watch will run Google's Wear OS 3.5, which is identical to Samsung's watch, which makes sense because Samsung and Google co-developed Wear OS.

Pixel Watch back showing sensors

Pixel Watch from behind (Image credit: Reddit/@Suckmyn00dle)

We've also got a view of the sensor array on the back of the Pixel Watch, though we don't have specific details on which sensors Google will include. We expect standard heart rate, blood oxygen levels, body composition, and ECG capabilities.

We don't know if Google will try to add temperature sensors and if it will be successful. Temperature sensing has been an oddly contentious topic in smartwatches this season.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has temperature sensors that are not yet active. The Apple Watch has temperature sensors, but uses this data for other functions; it doesn't just take your temperature and report it to you.

Fitbit Sense devices can report skin temperature and Google owns Fitbit. In fact, Fitbit features will be a big part of the Pixel Watch, with an expected six-month subscription to Fitbit's paid fitness plan. Not all Fitbit devices measure skin temperature, so it's unclear if Google will bring this feature to the Pixel Watch.

Side view of pixel clock

(Image credit: Reddit/@Suckmyn00dle)

We expect the Google Pixel Watch to be announced at the Google event on October 6. We'll be on hand to get our full impressions of the new smartwatch, plus the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro phones, which are also scheduled for release. If you're looking for a new smartwatch for your Android device, read our full roundup of the best Android smartwatches you can buy.

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