We've talked a lot about the size of consoles this generation, but one YouTuber topped them all with a massive Xbox Series X.

Frustrated that Microsoft's Xbox Series X cooler wasn't a really working console, YouTuber Michael Pick decided to do better. "I decided to make a giant Xbox that would actually work," he said in a new video (opens in a new tab).

Pick starts by building a wooden frame before 3D printing individual pieces to fill the interior. Of course, this unit not only captures the look of Microsoft's flagship console, it's also fully functional. Featuring a custom drawer in the back, Pick's 3D printed a stand that holds a standard Xbox Series X, putting server motors in each key button that connect to corresponding oversized buttons on the outside.

You can see it in full below:

the resulting oversized console set a new Guinness World Record for the world's largest Xbox, reaching 2,08m x 1,04m x 1,04m. Selection and design company ZHC is also not keeping this Xbox Series X. It has since been donated to the YMCA Youth and Adolescent Development Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

DIY consoles are all the rage

It's not the first custom console we've seen in recent days, though it's certainly the opposite in scale. Although Sony has yet to officially announce a PS5 Slim, YouTuber Matthew "DIY Perks" Perks recently took on the challenge. In creating his own PS5 Slim, which is just 2cm tall, he used a workaround with the power supply, but it's still a working PS5 model.

I've yet to see anyone attempt a slim Xbox Series X design, and there's been no word from Microsoft to confirm an official redesign. While we've seen slimmer redesigns like the Xbox One S before, this time it may not be necessary. Thanks to the company's dual approach to this generation of consoles with the Xbox Series S, Microsoft is already ready for a smaller console.

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