We all know PDF files. In fact, we use them more and more frequently because they help preserve the formats and quality of any document.

PDF Editor by Offiwiz, it is the most complete PDF editing tool, it allows you many types of editing, add and save signatures and fill in online forms among other things, simply discover the potential of this app

Today we want you to know more details about these applications and why they have gained a positive reputation in today's market.

Top 5 PDF Editors
Here you can learn details of the best 5 PDF editors on the market. Find out what their main functions are and why they have gained a positive reputation. Take advantage of the occasion to view content of interest on this format and the different publishers through officewiz.

1.Adobe Acrobat

Basically it is one of the best in its category. The best thing is that it is available for operating systems such as Windows and Mac. This editor will facilitate the execution of the following functions:

Create new documents, by means of a basic but effective word processor.
Convert files such as World or Excen to PDF, without any complications and in the shortest possible time.
Split or combine the different PDF files.
Generate an effective action assistance that facilitates the automatic processing of PDFs.
Safely store scanned files.


It is a reliable PDF editor, but the best thing is that you can access it at no cost. It is one of the most complete on the market and its potential is truly incredible.

But what users value most is its simple-to-use interface. For this reason, it is a fairly friendly program that can be manipulated by anyone. Thanks to the menu bar, you will find any available option.


Preview has multiple features. But first of all you have to know that it is an editor available for operating systems such as Mac. From there you can access each of the following functions:

Leave the comment you want.
Make personalized signatures.
Highlight those fragments that you think are important in the document.
Post the notes.
Add text or text boxes.
Modify fonts, sizes and color.

4.PDF Architect

It is another truly fascinating option. It also allows a series of functionalities such as merging, rotating and viewing documents. But that's not all, since PDF Architect will also allow you to create an electronic signature easily and securely.

This editor guarantees an enormous advantage: It makes comparisons of different versions of the same file to see where and when modifications have been made. It has also gained a positive reputation for the ability to protect document fragments where sensitive data is embodied.

5.PDF Expert

It integrates the list of the best PDF editors for the quality of its functions. It is available on Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple, from where you can transfer documents without major complications. The best thing is that it will help you convert World, Excel and Power Point files without major complications.

PDF Expert has become a useful tool because it facilitates collaboration between work teams that want to make changes, leave notes or protect information with the help of a code. You can download the free version and enjoy each of its benefits.

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