(*6*) Google's Pixel 6a may not have officially hit the market yet, but that hasn't stopped some reviewers from getting their hands on an early device, testing it out, and showing off a few ways Google's phone can reduce the price. the Pixel 6 family.

(*6*)Malaysian tech YouTuber Fazli Halim managed to get his hands on a retail-ready Pixel 6a sample in early June and gave it the unboxing treatment, but now he's back with a full review, in which we see the 6a's fingerprint sensor in comparison. next to the current top dog of the line, the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

(*6*)While both phones have optical in-display fingerprint sensors, according to Halim, the Pixel 6a's sensor proves to be consistently faster at reading and unlocking the phone, as well as being more consistent compared to the Pixel 6 Pro.

(*6*)It's surprising, given the Pixel 6a's lower specs (and therefore cost), that performance is much better, but early signs seem to suggest it.

Analysis: a lighter touch

(*6*)Slow and poor fingerprint sensor performance was just one of many small quirks that plagued the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro when they launched in late 2021, and Google only partially fixed some of the issues that plagued the Pixel XNUMX and XNUMX Pro. they faced the phones through subsequent software updates.

(*6*)With that in mind, it was encouraging to learn that the Pixel 6a would use a different fingerprint sensor than the 6 and 6 Pro, which was confirmed by Google SVP of Devices and Services Rich Osterloh during Google I/O. 2022 when the Pixel 6a was first officially announced.

(*6*)While Halim's video gives us a first look at the Pixel 6a, consumers will have to wait until July 28 to officially purchase the phone, which replaces several key hardware attributes found in the Pixel 6. and 6 Pro for a lower retail price of €449. €/£399/AU$749, giving it the potential to be in contention as one of the best budget phones around.

(*6*)Fingerprinting is just one of the tweaks the Pixel 6a offers over its siblings, with a smaller 60-inch Full HD+ 6,1Hz OLED display, 12,2MP main camera lower resolution (compared to the 50 and 6 Pro's 6MP main unit, making some of the best camera phones on the market today) and a base memory and storage configuration of 6GB and 128GB, respectively.

(*6*)Where the Pixel 6a stands out is with the same Google-made Tensor SoC and of course that faster fingerprint sensor which, coupled with the lower price, might be the perfect match for some.

(*6*)On the other hand, we have the Pixel 7 just around the corner after Google inexplicably showed it off at I/O earlier this year, and it's likely to come with a new Pixel 7a model soon after. , so the research giant does not It seems that the decision to buy a new phone will not be easier.

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