Our giant led screens They have become the great essentials of marketing today. They have also greatly improved the way we see advertising. It's about a format successfully used on surfaces and outdoor spaces. Its intention is to get people to visualize advertising campaigns in a better way.

They benefit institutions, companies, foundations or any entity that requires high-quality marketing. If you want to know more about giant LED screens, we invite you to continue reading.

Where can giant LED screens be located?

To manage the information of what can be achieved with a giant LED screen, it is necessary to understand What is it and what is its purpose? And it is nothing more than, as its name indicates, a screen made up of high luminosity LED diodes.

The leds make up pixels with which the images for advertising or informative texts for a particular audience are formed.

They are quite resistant because they have been designed with special coating that protects them from climatic changes and weather conditions. Therefore, its operation would not be affected, being a resource that is quite usable by many people.

One aspect that makes them stand out is that they are very versatile; that is, they do not have a single location for their application and use.

The giant LED screens guarantee a fairly optimized visibility. Its installation can be carried out on different surfaces, but the user or company must be clear about how far they want to go. Based on that, you can choose a roof, buildings, poles, shops or other special spaces for them.

Companies that require LED screens

These are some of the companies that make the most profit from a giant-sized LED screen:

  • Retail trade or retail sales.
  • Financial sector and banks.
  • Universities, colleges and nurseries.
  • Dealers or car rentals.
  • Tourism sector.
  • Entertainment: cinema billboards.
  • Smart cities.

What are the uses of LED screens?

They are so versatile that they can be located in strategic places, allowing more views to be achieved if you are talking directly about advertising. Some common and recommended uses are as follows:

  • large format applications; that is, spaces where a giant screen is required to transmit what is desired. A fairly palpable case is its recent use in theaters.
  • merchandising.
  • Outdoor and indoor advertising.
  • Control centers.

If you run any of these businesses and need to improve your image, you can opt for this type of screen.

How to know if an LED screen is of good quality?

Now, the recommendation is that companies from different sectors make use of them to find notable advantages such as: visibility, capture attention, moderate consumption, customization and easy installation.

All this will be obtained if good quality screens are used. And this is known depending on the distance in millimeters that exists between each LED. It is that the closer they are, the better the experience for the public and what is exhibited will have an excellent resolution.

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