Outer Wilds is finally coming to Nintendo Switch
The critically acclaimed time-looping game Outer Wilds is finally coming to Nintendo Switch. The announcement was dropped during yesterday's Nintendo Direct, where the approximate release window for the summer (or the second quarter for those of you who live below the equator) of 2021 was given.

Outer Wilds is a charming and unusual action adventure game developed by Mobius Digital. You play as an unnamed astronaut trapped in a time cycle that can only explore the solar system in 22 minute increments before the sun explodes.

While it may seem a bit frustrating, it is surprisingly fun and is essentially a long mystery game where you try to piece together what happened to an ancient civilization.

It has been available for PC and Xbox One since its launch in May 2019 and joined the PlayStation 4 later that year. You can see it in action on Nintendo Switch below:

Why should you be concerned about the arrival of Outer Wilds on Nintendo Switch?

Outer Wilds was one of our best games of 2019. We said it was special because there is a feeling that the places you discover have their own cultures, architecture and people, places that are houses. Rather than mere repositories of resources for mine, giving us a warm and welcoming adventure full of mystery and cosmic puzzles.

It is a game for those who want to take their time, explore every corner and discover the diversity of the planets they visit. You'll die and be reborn a couple of times, but it's presented so gracefully that you'll be grinning fully instead of biting down on the controller in frustration. Honest.


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