More and more people have the need or desire to acquire a new computer equipment, but are not available or simply do not want to invest a large amount of money in it, which may lead them to think about buying second hand computers. However, this is not the only option available, since in recent years the acquisition of reconditioned equipment.

In both cases, the savings compared to acquiring a completely new computer is more than evident, this being one of their main similarities. However, they have some differences that you should know to avoid making a mistake in your purchase.

Second hand computers

The second hand computers they can be found in businesses dedicated to the world of computing that are responsible for buying the equipment, testing it, correcting any errors and putting it up for sale again.

They should not be confused with used computers, which are those that anyone can sell in a personal capacity, since, as second hand, although they have also been used previously, we find equipment that are guaranteed to function properly. This makes it a more reliable purchase.

Refurbished computers

If you prefer to opt for buy a refurbished laptopYou should know that these types of products have the main difference with respect to the previous ones in that they are much more current products and without much use, which makes it a purchase closer to the acquisition of a completely new computer, but at a most economical price.

As in the case of second-hand computers, they are checked and certified, and have a guarantee that you can resort to in the event of any malfunction. In this case we find teams that have been displayed in shop windows shopping; returns from users who were not satisfied with the purchase or for other reasons (and which are checked before they are put on sale again); computers that have been assembled and found to have a defect, which have the problem repaired before being sold; or those that have a defect in their packaging, among others.

Which to choose?

If you have doubts about opting for a second-hand computer or a reconditioned one, first of all, you should bear in mind that, although they have their differences, both have similarities that make both are totally valid options.

In general, second-hand computers will be cheaper than refurbished ones, which are somewhere between those used previously and those that are brand new.

Choosing one or the other will therefore depend on the budget the money you have or the money you are willing to invest in your new equipment, and the degree of use that you are willing to admit. In the case of the former, you are more likely to find some signs of use, while in the case of reconditioned ones, the aesthetics will usually be similar to that of a new computer.

However, if you doubt between the two, it is necessary that you attend to their hardware specifications and choose the one that can best adapt to your needs.