«Ok Google» configure my device

«Ok Google» configure my device Google has taken a new step towards product innovation by developing one of the most powerful voice assistants on the market. It is nothing more and nothing less than "Okay Google", technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that comes to compete directly with other assistants with a well-known reputation such as alexa siri cortana It works through voice commands, which would considerably reduce the manual use of the equipment and would allow an effective operation when receiving an order. "Hey, Hey Google, set up my device", is an example of how this system works, perfectly integrated with both smartphones and Android or iOS devices. But now that we refer to the previous example, we would like to show you how to configure "Ok Google" to my device, so pay a lot of attention.

How to configure Ok Google to a device?

No matter what the operating system of your cell phone or tablet is, the essential thing is that you have options to configure them simply, quickly and safely. The intention is to enjoy a attractive voice system that further optimizes your experience in front of any device.

Set up Ok Google on Android

The procedure requires the completion of a few simple steps. Afterwards, you can enjoy one of the best Google services completely free.

Set up Ok Google on iOS

For mobile or iOS devices, the procedure for setting up Ok Google is also quite simple. And to get good results there are steps you must follow. Setting up Ok Google is extremely simple, regardless of your device's operating system. If you want to improve your experience, we invite you to follow the steps previously mentioned.