Get Google Chromecast at the cheapest price ever

Person holding Chromecast with Google TV remote

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My dad came to visit me once, years ago. He had been there about two hours when he left the house. He then came back with a Google Chromecast, walked over to my TV, which he was watching, and unplugged the HDMI cable so he could try out his new device.

Well, he would have loved this new version, with remote control (complete with voice input) and 4K, HDR image. And you'd love it if it was even cheaper than the one you bought, where you can get an extra $10 with a coupon, making the new Google Chromecast the cheapest yet at $29.99.

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A ridiculous price to start: Samsung QN90A 55in for €799

Samsung TV

(Image credit: Samsung)

I couldn't believe this discount when I saw it - that the 90-inch Samsung QN55A would already be down to just €799. We rated this TV four stars and while we found some issues with sound quality and lack of Dolby Vision support, the QLED layer was just another thing.

Glossy, super slim in terms of bezel, and with a great image, it's a great buy. In fact, the only choice you have is whether the 50-inch for €595 is an even better buy; if you don't mind a slightly smaller TV, it's a big saving.

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Prime Day TV Deals 2021

Welcome, welcome, welcome. We're back to talk about the deals you'll want to buy, so I'll introduce you to some of the best.

I'll start with the UK Prime Day TV deals, mainly because they're already live and look pretty good.

So whether you're looking for a new TV for the living room, something for the bedroom, or just the best to plug into one of your many new HDMI ports, we've got you covered.

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