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Nvidia has fixed a number of bugs affecting its GPU display driver, resolving issues that could have resulted in "code execution, denial of service, elevation of privilege, information disclosure, or data tampering."

The security bulletin addressed a total of 29 vulnerabilities, ranging widely in severity, that could lead to hardware such as its flagship line of GeForce and RTX graphics cards, and the NVIDIA Studio platform being used as vulnerable endpoints by cybercriminals.

The latest update comes as Nvidia still shows a clear dominance in the world of GPUs; Nvidia had 88% of the GPU market in Q8, compared to just 4% for AMD and XNUMX% for Intel according to Jon Peddie Research (JPR).

What were the biggest risks?

The most significant issue identified was named CVE-2022-34669 and given a rating of 8.8. This contained a vulnerability in the user mode layer, where a normal unprivileged user could access or modify system files or other critical application files.

CVE-2022-34671 came in second with a rating of 8.5, another example of a vulnerability in the user mode layer where a regular unprivileged user could cause what is called an "out of bounds write".

To avoid these types of security issues and protect your system, NVIDIA suggests downloading and installing software updates via the official NVIDIA Driver Downloads page (Opens in a new tab).

Or, for vGPU software and NVIDIA Cloud Gaming updates, you can go to the NVIDIA Licensing Portal (Opens in a new tab). (opens in a new tab)

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