Microsoft has officially unveiled its Xbox Games with Gold lineup for December, and while I've never heard of any of the games on offer, they've certainly piqued my interest.

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold subscribers can buy two free Xbox games in December: Colt Canyon and Bladed Fury. Like me, you may have never heard of these indie titles before, but they sound (and look) amazing, with unique art styles and plenty of action.

Colt Canyon is a violent action roguelike where you battle your way through a hostile canyon filled with treasure to find, weapons to wield, and of course, hordes of enemies who want nothing more than to take you down. Expect bloody, pixelated fun with this one.

The second free Xbox Live game with Gold up for grabs is Bladed Fury. Set in ancient China, this hack n' slash adventure sees you fight in a world inspired by Chinese history and mythology. His traditional Chinese art style is just beautiful from what I've seen so far.

Focus on the indies

(Image credit: Attention)

It's a nice sight to see Xbox Games with Gold highlight two unique indie games in December. While we'd love to see the service offer PS Plus hit games for free, queues like this allow Xbox Live Gold members to discover hidden gems that might not have been on our radar.

Even if you try these games and they're not for you, you're not losing anything and they're worth adding to your Xbox library for a rainy day.

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