For Apple fans, 2022 is shaping up to be a big year, not only with iOS 16, but especially with the massive redesign of the iPhone 14 being reported by many different leaks.

We're expecting better rear cameras, the loss of the notch, bigger batteries, an always-on display feature, and more, all of which promise to make this the biggest update to the iPhone series since the introduction of the iPhone X.

This all sounds great, we've had too many years with too few updates, except 2022 is really the worst (*14*) possible for this.

Great phone, great costs

While the iPhone 14 looks like Apple's biggest update in quite some time, it also appears to be the company's most expensive.

The most affordable member of the iPhone 13 lineup was the iPhone 13 mini, but it appears to have no successor; instead, Apple is apparently preparing to launch a more expensive iPhone 14 Max instead. Therefore, there will not be a line budget member for people with limited funds.

It also appears that the top-of-the-line price is increasing, with improvements to the iPhone 14 Pro such as redesigned front cameras, improved rear cameras, and new chipsets likely to drive the price of higher-end phones even higher.

The iPhone 13 mini in someone's hand.

(Image credit: LaComparacion)

And while Apple is supposedly offering a "true" low-cost option in the form of the iPhone SE (2022), we'd accuse it of being a joke, if only Apple had a sense of humor. At $429 / £419 / AU$719, it's far from cheap and has a very dated design and specs. It's certainly not as future-proof as any Android phone that costs half the price.

But there's another problem with the iPhone SE: Since it's not the company's flagship phone for the year, it's not as flashy as the iPhone 14. You don't see it in ads all year. No, all eyes are on the iPhone 14 because everyone knows it's coming.

Bad (*14*) for a lot of money

Many countries around the world are currently facing a cost of living crisis, with the gap between wages and the general costs of daily living narrowing and in some cases closing altogether.

In this kind of climate, expensive tech is a lot less appealing - after all, there's a reason we've spent so much time sprucing up our list of the best budget phones.

iPhones are expensive, no question. Opponents will call them overpriced and fans will say they're worth it, but it's hard to say they're some of the most expensive phones on the market. And it's not good when people have a hard time paying for food.

No, dropping the Mini and raising the price of the Pro Max is a iffy move in this kind of weather.

In this (*14*) is a good (*14*) for a real value for money device, not like a super expensive Pro Max model or an SE, which can be found in the dictionary listed under “budget » as its antonym. .

Apple assez d'argent pour toucher ses benefices pendant un an ou deux – il travaillerait sur des lunettes VR et sa propre voiture haut de gamme, alors que la plupart d'entre nous ne peuvent même pas se permettre d'apprendre à conduire du all. Cutting the price of each iPhone 14 model by just $100/$100 off the price of the equivalent iPhone 13 could be great for people who need new tech but can't afford super-premium phones, or need a good reason to. justify the purchase.

We don't see that happening — Apple is a big tech company, after all — but the brand really needs to do something to prevent its biggest iPhone update in years from being a total dud.

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