Right now, you can save 10% on one of Apple's best and most expensive PCs, the Mac Studio, as long as you're happy with the refurbished model.

Just three months after the launch of the powerful creative workstation, the units are already appearing in Apple's revamped official store in the US. The device that usually costs at least €1,999 / €1,999 can be picked up for €1,799 / € 1,799 instead.

Apple's disk-shaped PC may not look impressive, but it's easily one of the best we've tested when it comes to creative professionals. The refurbished model available at the time of this writing (in the US and UK) is the base version.

While technically less impressive than the more expensive versions, you'll get a PC with 32GB of memory, a 512GB SSD, and Apple's powerful M1 Max chip. We may soon see more powerful Mac Studios in the revamped store; really depends on some comments.

Our opinion: We should all buy refurbished Apple technology

(Image credit: Shutterstock/Kevin Khoo)

If you're worried about something about Apple's technology, whether you're worried about the cost or not, we recommend that you visit its official renewed store first.

While devices sold through it have technically been used before, your purchase will have been inspected, cleaned, repaired (if necessary), and recertified by Apple, and its internal battery and outer casing are always replaced with new ones.

On top of that, the revamped tech will come in a brand new box with all your usual cables and accessories, plus a one-year warranty (which can be upgraded with the usual set of Apple Care options). It's basically indistinguishable from a brand new version of the same model, but it's less expensive and a bit more eco-friendly.

Your options may be a bit more limited than buying a new one (some devices like the Apple Watch 7 aren't currently available) and it may still be more expensive than the best budget phones or the best budget smartwatches. But if you're desperate for an iPhone 13 or iPad Pro 12.9 (2020), there really isn't much reason not to head to Apple's revamped store instead of buying a new one.

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