Nintendo will sneak into the Summer Game Fest with a new Direct

Nintendo will sneak into the Summer Game Fest with a new Direct

Rumors of a Nintendo Direct at the end of June are true, sources at TRG can confirm.

While Nintendo didn't show up at Summer Games Fest proper, a Nintendo Direct later this month would still allow Nintendo to sneak out the back door of the gaming party. With massive announcements at Summer Games Fest about familiar amounts like Starfield and Diablo 4, and then new surprises like Minecraft Legends, Nintendo has a lot of work to do with a new Nintendo Direct.

In the company's latest Nintendo Direct in February, Nintendo showed off a host of updates, including new tracks for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, an entirely new entry in the Fire Emblem series in the form of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 announcement. Remasters of classics like Chrono Cross and early Front Mission games were more understated that complemented an impressive Direct lineup.

But above all, what will we see in the next Nintendo Direct? Let's put on a power gauntlet, place our hands on my questionably accurate crystal ball, and reach for a look of hope.

Breath of the Wild 2 running through the fields

(Image credit: Nintendo)

There's no getting around Breath of the Wild 2's swirling mist from our crystal ball. Everyone is eager for more information, so it would be nice to get a deeper look at any changes to gameplay, story, or even a more specific release date beyond the vague "spring 2023" we have to deal with. Work now. Link and the team are a quieter bunch than Mario, but they are part of the powerful scaffolding of their own that keeps Nintendo on solid ground.

Deep in our hearts, and hidden behind a few other things in the oracle ball, is the possibility of Metroid Prime 4 appearing. News of Samus' latest main adventure would be a huge reveal for Nintendo. We've had nothing but tumbleweeds since we found out in 2019 that Metroid Prime 4 was being scrapped and rebooted with the help of Retro Studios. That's a long time to wait for a preview, and I'm willing to bet the latest Metroid will finally get some screen time.

And then just to hedge my oracular bets, I'm going to put my prediction credentials on the line and say it's a lock, we'll see Xenoblade Chronicles 3. With a July release, there's no way Nintendo won't benefit from any opportunity to show us More from the latest entry in the sci-fi JRPG series. Another trailer would make more sense here, given how close we are to launch, especially if it shows more gameplay, given that co-op play can shine with the new party size of up to seven.

But for now, all we can do is hope and dream of an imminent visit from some of Nintendo's gaming luminaries.