The ecosystem Gaming It is broad spectrum, as there are many entertainment options available to fans. But today a dilemma has arisen that we want to solve today as civilized people: Nintendo Switch vs PS5, which console to buy and why?

Pay attention to this new article from to know which is the best option for Gamers and what are the most important features between a Nintendo Switch vs PS5. But in addition, it would be useful if you knew when choosing where to buy Nintendo Switch sweet potato o where to buy cheap PlayStation 5.

What do I get from Nintendo Switch?

What do I get from Nintendo Switch?

For no one is a secret that Nintendo is not looking to have the most powerful console on the market, only focuses on offering a good experience to its users. With the hardware that it presents in its last two models -Switch and Switch Lite- it has focused innovation on the lifestyle of gamers.

The aim of the the Switch version you get two game modes, that's why it is preferred among Nintendo lovers. It is a hybrid that you can use by connecting to the television and also in a portable way. The screen resolution is really good. It has 32 GB of storage, but the option to extend via an SD card.

The Switch's hardware was designed for a home console; that is, in the style of a mobile device. It does not matter if you are going on a trip or if you do not want to get out of bed, you can use the Nintendo without much effort. Another advantage is that does not take up much space, so for travelers it is a plus point.

Now, in terms of online games and connection that you can get with the Nintendo Switch, the news is not very good. With an annual payment of $ 20, Nintendo Switch Online only offers older SNES, NES, and a few Mario Kart games as online games.. Also, you will only have the YouTube streaming service.

What does a PS5 offer me?

What does a PS5 offer me?

If we talk about power, we must mention all the benefits that the Play Station 5 offers, starting with a large number of cinematic games and online multiplayer games. Compared to Nintendo, PS5 leaves the Switch as a somewhat dated product, since it surpasses it in almost everything by many points.

The Graphics are second to none, it plays video in 4K resolution at 60FPS frame rate, games load in minimal time, look much sharper and have more tools that facilitate the development of the game to the users. 99% of PS4 games are compatible with this new model, being a great advantage.

To get great benefits online, you must invest $ 69,99 a year in Play Station Plus. You will have access not only to great free games every month, exclusive offers, to play online with other players; You will also have access to different streaming services such as Netflix, Disney +, Apple TV +, among others. If you consider that the amount is very high, you have definitely not understood the potential of Play Station Plus.

Nintendo Switch vs PS5: Which one do I choose and why?

In short, PS5 has more potential than the Nintendo Switch. It not only surpasses it in hardware but in all the services offered by the online store, the compatibility with other models and the resolution or output of the games. However, it must be said that Nintendo has not raised the idea of ​​giving up the exclusivity of its games or ease of manipulating the console.

Opting for one of the two consoles is relatively straightforward. There are even more fanatical people of this type of technology who solve the problem by acquiring the two teams, solving in a simple way the dilemma about Nintendo Swirch vs PS5.

But if this is not your case, just adapt the answer to your lifestyle. If you like to be very comfortable or carry the console wherever you want to go, Nintendo is an excellent option; But if, on the contrary, you are looking for quality and power without having to leave home, that is, stationary games, go for the PS5.

Another point to consider is the cost. This will help you choose either one. Of course, the PS5 is newer, so its price is higher compared to the Nintendo Switch. Everything is a matter of evaluating the aforementioned aspects, reviewing your lifestyle and your pocket to choose between a Nintendo Switch vs PS5.

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