Finally, Netflix has started implementing spatial audio to select original programming.

The streaming service has partnered with audio giant Sennheiser to bring more immersive sound to shows and movies, including Stranger Things season 4, The Adam Project, and The Witcher. Netflix's Spatial Audio is "compatible with all devices, all streaming plans, and requires no surround speakers or home theater equipment," the company wrote in a blog post (opens in a new tab) announcing the new feature. .

Spatial Audio converts normal stereo output into expansive three-dimensional sound that is intended to mimic the experience of watching movies in a theater. The feature works best with compatible earphones and headphones, like the Apple AirPods Pro, but it also improves the sound quality of laptops or standard TV speakers (although the difference is pretty negligible in this last bracket).

For the full list of Netflix content enhanced with spatial audio, simply type "spatial audio" into the streamer's search bar. If your device's audio output is already set to stereo audio, you won't need to adjust any settings to test it (the feature will also become the default audio setting for two-channel setups).

Us when spatial audio arrives in Stranger Things season 4 (Image credit: Netflix)

We'll get a taste of Netflix's spatial audio with the latest season of Stranger Things, whose demogorgons and murderous villains now seemed poised to get even more terrifying.

The launch of the long-awaited feature by the streamer brings Netflix in line with rival platforms Disney Plus, HBO Max, Apple TV Plus and Hulu, all of which offer spatial audio support for supported movies and TV shows.

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