Do you want a good cell phone but don't have or don't want to spend almost $ 1000 on the latest trendy phone? We understand you, many times neither do we, not everything in life is appearance and there are mobiles from past years that have excellent features, that meet everything we need and a little more, and the best of all is that we can get them at great prices .

Today we bring you several options that if you are one of those who like to have good things but are not willing to spend all your money for the simple feeling of having the latest model, join us and discover the cheap mobiles that you can buy in 2020 high-end.

What is a refurbished mobile?

Sure it sounds bad to you but it is not like that, they are not damaged mobiles or anything like that, they are mobiles that for one reason or another have been used at some point, either as a display in stores, returned to warranty and the fault repaired, equipment used for demonstrations, etc.

These mobiles return to the factory and the used parts are replaced and new, for example, the case, the battery, the screen, charging pins, or whatever they need, to be sold at prices below the market. , obviously with the product like new restored by the same brand.

4 cheap high-end mobiles on offer in the middle of 2020

We know that you want to know what these mobiles are to go out and buy them quickly, so we are not going to give you any more detours, these are the equipment you need if you want to save a few bucks.

Refurbished iphone 7 plus

Many go crazy for the latest Iphone, but not long ago it was the same with the Iphone 7 plus, it hasn't been long, the technology is not outdated, it still has an excellent camera and it is a high-end phone, so we recommend you buy a Refurbished iphone 7 plus you will have a very good phone and with a 40% discount on the launch price.

Refurbished iphone 6s

Another reconditioned or refurbished phone as it is also often called is the Iphone 6s, already a little less updated, but surely a very good phone for those Apple fans who do not want to leave their salary on a phone, if this is your case we recommend you buy a iPhone Refurbished 6s

iPhone 6s plus

This is an improved version of the Iphone 6s, ideal if you want a good cheap Iphone but with an excellent finish and a good camera, today you can buy it almost at half the launch price and it will remain a good phone for a few more years, so the iPhone 6s plus it is a very good option

Refurbished Iphone 6

This mobile is ideal for a gift, for a child, a teenager, an elderly person or simply for you who want to save without sacrificing quality, of all the options it is the least updated, but that does not make it a bad phone, it is more , the Iphone 6 reconditionionicated It is the cheapest alternative if you have never used iPhone and do not want to risk it, you can buy it at a very good price and test if the apple company is for you or not.