I hadn't even tried bone conduction headphones until a few months ago. I had just started my role as TechRadar's fitness editor and was looking forward to trying them out. Lo and behold, they're now my favorite thing, and cheaper than ever on Prime Day deals.

The Shokz OpenRun are my go-to headphones (we call them "the world's best bone conduction headphones"), and now they're cheaper than ever. Before, they were only reduced to around €110, but right now on Amazon they are €40 less than the RRP of only €89,95 (opens in a new tab). See them in full below:

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Today's best Prime Day Shokz bone conduction headphone deals

The best bone conduction headphones (which, let's be clear, are the previous pair) send sound through the bones of the skull to the eardrums rather than directly into the ears.

This allows you to listen to your favorite songs, podcasts, and audiobooks (see Audible's best deals for a good selection, I'm tweaking Return Of The King) and keep your ears open as you run.

With clarity on both fronts, I feel more aware of traffic, pedestrians, and sometimes wildlife, allowing me to run safely while enjoying a solid audio experience. For me, it's a better experience than the active noise-canceling transparency modes of most headphones, because the air between your ears doesn't fight for space. It sounds weird, but I encourage you to try them at this price.

Not convinced? I've left a few more bone conduction headphone deals below, on other Shokz products.

More Bone Conduction Headphone Deals

No matter where you live, here you'll find all the lowest prices for Shokz headphones on the web, with deals available in your area.

Today's best Shokz OpenRun deals

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