Watch the chilling full trailer for Stranger Things 4 Volume

The full trailer for the second installment of Stranger Things Season 4 has arrived online. Click below to see:

The second installment of the show's fourth season will arrive on Netflix on July 1.

Although billed as a second volume, the second half of the show's fourth season is actually only two episodes long. But both are epics. The eighth episode of the season, which is called Papa, is 85 minutes long, that is, one hour and 25 minutes, while the season finale is called The Piggyback and is a movie in its own right, lasting of two hours. and 19 minutes.

The trailer is the second glimpse many dedicated fans of the series have gotten at the second episode after a 30-second clip was shared publicly during Netflix's annual Geeked Week event. The clip originally debuted as a post-credits scene after the end of Stranger Things season 7 episode 4.

The trailer hints at an epic finale, again shot by Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill, with the show's young cast tested to their absolute limits.

The first part of the show's fourth season was a huge success for Netflix, with the streaming service's subscribers watching a colossal 4.100 billion minutes of Stranger Things season 4 in the first three days of its release. Not only that, but all four seasons of the supernatural horror series currently rank first, second, third, and fourth on Netflix's official list of the 10 best TV shows.

Netflix must wish they could release Stranger Things every week.

(*2*) An epic ending for Stranger Things?

No. There will be at least one more season of the sci-fi behemoth after the release of the second half of season four.

There aren't many details on what we can expect or when we can expect it, though we do know for a fact that this will mark the final entry in the main story of the series. Executive producer Shawn Levy recently told ScreenRant (opens in a new tab) that its creators, the Duffer Brothers, "didn't want the show to go out of smoke" and outlast its reception, but the universe of Stranger Things can still continue shooting. -offs and independent films.

With numbers like this, Netflix had better turn things around quickly, so we're hoping for a 2023 release date by the end of the show.

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