Creating the perfect Microsoft Word document should soon be a much smoother experience thanks to a new software update.

Microsoft has revealed that it is working on a major update to Word that will allow users to easily switch between editing, reviewing and viewing a document.

Although this feature has been available on rival service Google Docs for some time, it will now offer much better online collaboration for Microsoft Word for Windows and Mac users everywhere.

Microsoft Word Edition

News of the update was first revealed (opens in a new tab) in May 2022, when Microsoft made it available only to Microsoft Word web users, along with a few select experts from the beta channel.

However, an entry in the official Microsoft 365 roadmap (opens in a new tab) now says that Microsoft Word for Windows and Mac desktop users around the world should be able to take advantage of the change by July 2022.

As mentioned above, the updates will be familiar to anyone who has used Google Workspace and will seek to remove errors or accidental overwrites in someone else's document by tracking existing changes.

Users will now see a new Edit button on the Microsoft Word ribbon, which when clicked offers three options. Editing, which is enabled by default, allows the user to make direct changes to the document, Review, which allows the user to suggest changes, suggestions, or comments, and View, which allows the user to navigate through the document without making any changes. changes.

Microsoft notes that enabling change tracking automatically puts the document in review mode, and if you open a document that you don't have edit or review permissions for, you can still access the document, but you won't be able to switch to one or the other. Edit or review mode.

The news is just the latest in a series of changes to Microsoft Word as it appears to continue to be effective for users around the world.

This includes the recent announcement that its popular predictive typing feature is coming soon to Word on Mac. The Text Prediction Editor tool anticipates your next words and suggests words or phrases as you type, potentially speeding up the typing process for typists. slow between us

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