Microsoft Outlook users will soon be able to enjoy a more collaborative experience thanks to a new update for Microsoft Teams.

The video conferencing service is working on a feature that it says will bring Teams chat to Outlook to enable a meeting-like approach in the email client.

These new "Outlook Meetings" will allow participants to send a quick message or revisit a conversation without having to open Microsoft Teams separately, meaning users won't need to switch between apps.

Microsoft Teams in Outlook

In its official Microsoft 365 roadmap entry (opens in a new tab), the company notes that the new feature will provide "an easy Teams chat experience from Outlook in the context of a meeting for attendees."

There aren't many details yet on exactly how the feature will work, but it appears to be an extension of the Teams features already built into Outlook. Users have the Teams plugin for Outlook automatically enabled when both apps are installed on a device, allowing them to quickly message their contacts.

The feature is currently listed as "in development," with its general release scheduled for March 2023. Once released, it will be available to all Outlook web users.

The news is the latest step to bring Microsoft Teams and Outlook together as the company looks to simplify its communication tools.

It recently announced a new feature that will allow users to run apps designed for Microsoft Teams in Outlook. He hopes this will enable a more seamless online collaboration experience, as users won't need to constantly switch between Teams and Outlook to stay on top of their work.

Users will also be able to purchase and use these updated Teams apps (including personal tabs and/or search-based messaging extensions) without leaving the messaging platform.

Another new app means Microsoft Teams users will soon be able to integrate their calendars with Outlook, which syncs across the Office 365 suite to help users keep track of their time and identify availability for online meetings.

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