There are currently deep discounts on Marvel's Avengers on Amazon, making it more tempting than ever to jump into the action-adventure game, if only for its campaign.

Finding great Prime Day deals can be tricky, especially when looking for video games on current-gen consoles. If you're in the market for a new PS5 game, you might be disappointed to find that new games like Elden Ring haven't seen huge price cuts. However, there are some great deals to be found if you want to pick up some hidden gems.

Marvel's Avengers is one such game, with the PS5 version fetching its lowest price yet on Amazon UK, currently at a staggering €9.99. Those in the US can also get a discount on Marvel's Avengers on PS5 (although it's less substantial) with the game now at €14.99 on PlayStation 5. It's not just the PS5 versions on offer, with Marvel's Discounted Avengers on PS4 and Xbox One too. (Not in the UK or US? Scroll down to see deals in your area.)

While Marvel's Avengers has had a troubled life, with a disastrous launch and slow but steady creation of new content, it has a campaign and several free DLC expansions that make this price point hard to ignore.

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Today's best Marvel's Avengers Prime Day deals



Is Marvel's Avengers worth buying?

While Marvel's Avengers wasn't the mega-hit Square Enix probably wanted, that doesn't mean the title is without value, especially at this low price.

While Marvel's Avengers is envisioned as an always-online live service game that you need to play with other players, most of that doesn't come into play until late game. However, the title comes with an impressive 15-hour campaign, which is well worth experiencing. For less than ten, it's not a very big ticket and is worth checking out.

That's especially true if you enjoy Disney Plus's Ms. Marvel show, since Kamala Khan takes place here. She follows her as she tries to convince the rest of the Avengers to regroup after some time apart, and features interesting and surprisingly dramatic takes on these familiar characters.

Another benefit of picking up the game now is that it has plenty of DLC since its release in 2020, and it's all free. Expansions like Black Panther War for Wakanda have been added, to characters like Kate Bishop, Hawkeye, and Spider-Man (on PlayStation consoles). The game is also getting an update, with Jane Foster's Mighty Thor recently added to the fray, with She-Hulk rumored to be next.

Even if the live service part is a bit inconvenient, all that story and content, which you can play solo (or through matchmaking), is well worth the price here.

More Marvel's Avengers Deals

This offer is exclusive to the UK, but if you're based elsewhere, don't worry. Below you can see the best prices for Marvel's Avengers in your area.

Today's best deals on Marvel's Avengers and Marvel's Avengers

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