The legend of King Arthur and Camelot has been reimagined and told for centuries, but never so cursed. The Netflix television series turns the traditional Arthurian legend on its head, turning its attention to Nimue, the future Lady of the Lake, queen of the magical fairy and wielder of a legendary sword of power.

Arthur is there too, of course, but in Cursed he's more of a support player, a love for Nimue, and a mercenary brought to life on the battlefield. We're also getting reimagined versions of other icons from the Arthurian mythos, including King Uther, some future Knights of the Round Table, and the legendary wizard Merlin.

With religious zealots, the Red Paladins doing their best to defeat the Fey, Season 1 reached a bloody crescendo before ending with several cliffs, at least one of them literally. As speculation grows on a follow-up, we're looking at a possible Cursed Season 2 and what to expect when it arrives. Spoilers for Cursed Season 1 follow.

Damn season 2 release date on Netflix

Netflix Hasn't Officially Kicked Off Cursed Season 2 YetBut if the streaming service goes its old way, we'd expect a renewal announcement a month after Season 1 begins. The show went on hiatus on July 17, so we'd expect news in mid-August.

Assuming the series picks up for a second season, it's unlikely we'll see it until the second half of 2021.. There are usually about 18 months between seasons of Netflix shows, especially those with production values ​​as lavish as Cursed's, and that's before taking into account the coronavirus issues currently in play. Once social distancing and travel restrictions enter the equation, the odds of landing Cursed season 2 before 2022 seem slim.

Come to the point:

  • What is it? The second season of Cursed, Netflix's Nimue-centric retelling of the Arthurian legend based on the illustrated novel by Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller.
  • Where can i see him? Cursed Season 1 is now available on Netflix worldwide, and so is Season 2.
  • ¿When i can see it? A new season hasn't been confirmed yet, but if Netflix works some magic, expect it to arrive in late 2021 at the earliest and most likely 2022.
Merlin got his powers back in damn season 2.

Merlin got his powers back in the bloody season 2. (Image credit: Netflix)

Cursed Season 2 Trailer: Is There One?

With a renewal yet to be announced, it's too early for a Damn Season 2 trailer. Don't rely on major footage revealed before release, though Netflix may offer us some kind of teaser video to tie in with the announcement of a new season, like they did with Stranger Things season 4.

What to expect from season 2 of Damned

With Wheeler and Miller (both executive producers of the TV show) already showing a willingness to play with established Arthurian lore, what happens next is up to you, even if you've read La Morte d'Arthur or seen Excalibur, Merlin. and the sword in the stone.

However, we'd be very surprised if we saw the last of Nimue, even though she was last seen falling into a mountain river after the Red Paladin's obsessed assassin, Sister Iris, shot him with arrows. Not only is Nimue the focus of the show, but we all know that rivers tend to weave their way through larger bodies of water, remarkably helpful for a character who was always the Lady of the Lake. It seems likely that some kind of nature magic will ensure that she stays alive.

"Nimue comes from the world of magic"Miller said in a 2019 interview with Barnes and Noble. “Nimue is a creature of great power that comes into her power. His journey through history is our journey. We follow her as we follow Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. She is the alpha and the omega. She doesn't seem like the description of a character who would be shunned after one season. Nimue actress Katherine Langford doesn't seem to think she's done with the role either:

"I feel like [season] is really just the tip of the iceberg," she told Elle. “There's a lot of talk about the sword this season, and I think it would be interesting to see how deep Nimue's powers are and what kind of untapped power she has within her.

Father Carden Probably Won't Return For Cursed Season 2

Father Carden probably won't be back for Damned season 2 (Image credit: Netflix)

With Merlin now revealed to be Nimue's father, his Cursed Season 2 arc will presumably be motivated by a quest to find his daughter. Now that he has rediscovered his magical powers, and he is the one who wields the mythical sword of power, this time he will be an even more powerful force. You don't want to get in his way.

During Cursed Season 1, the mercenary Arthur gradually discovered a cause in the form of protecting the Fey. Surely this is a crucial first step in his inevitable journey to becoming king., unless there are many people named Arthur in this world, and this is just a clever decoy.

It can also be found in a corner of a love triangle, as with Nimue seemingly out of the way, the way could be clear for a romance with the Viking warrior, the Red Spear. Why? While not revealed in the series, the illustrated novel explains that her real name is Guinevere and suggests that she will one day be Arthur's Queen.

We also have a feeling that Arthur will be teaming up with the weeping fairy hunter monk, now that he's apparently on his way to redemption after saving Squirrel in the season 1 finale. The most compelling evidence came when The Weeping Monk revealed that his real name was Lancelot. With Squirrel also admitting his name is Percival, a seat at Camelot's famous round table is surely part of his future, nicknames like that can't be a coincidence.

Meanwhile, there is a vacancy at the head of the Red Paladins, following the death of Father Carden. Now that Sister Iris has (apparently) murdered Nimue and has been invited to join the Pope's Trinity Guard, it seems likely that she will become Cursed's main antagonist in season 2.

And then there is another crucial question of identity… Is the sword of power really Excalibur? Must this be true?

Cursed cast for season 2: Who do we think will return?

After being killed by Nimue in the season 1 finale, Peter Mullan's father, Carden, appears to be the most significant absentee from season two, unless he returns in hindsight.

Beyond that, we suspect that the cast list will be more or less the same as in season 1, with Katherine Langford returning as Nimue, Gustaf Skarsgård as Merlin, Devon Terrell as Arthur, Daniel Sharman as the Weeping Monk, Shalom Brune-Franklin as Morgana, Emily Coates as Sister Iris, Billy Jenkins as Chipmunk, Bella Dayne as Red Spear, Lily Newmark as Pym, Sebastian Armesto as Uther, and Clive Francis as Pope.

There may also be a comeback for Gawain (Matt Stokoe). After Gawain's death in the season 1 finale, Nimue used her magical powers to lock her friend up in protective plants, an act that can give the character a lifeline. However, if Gawain returns from the dead, we think the experience will change him a bit, perhaps he will truly become the "green knight" of legend.

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