The best hope yet for a future OLED TV price drop has just arrived, with the promise of a price battle. Chinese display maker BOE has announced it's ready to launch panels for the home market, starting with a 8-inch 95K OLED TV with a 120Hz refresh rate... but a new report says it's the manufacturing giant which is preparing a total of five OLED panel televisions from 55 inches to 95 inches.

According to Korean newspaper Biz Chosun (via FlatpanelsHD (opens in a new tab)), BOE's new OLED offerings are expected to go into production soon, with shipments of around 300 units this year, a figure equal to more than 000% of the current market for OLED TV panels.

BOE currently produces small and mid-size OLED displays and is believed to be in line to supply displays using the technology for Apple's next wave of iPads and MacBooks.

Until now, the manufacture of OLED panels for TVs has effectively been dominated solely by LG Display, which sells its panels to many large companies, including Sony, Vizio, and Panasonic (as well as LG Electronics, which actually makes the finished TVs like the LG C2).

LG Display's Korean rival Samsung Display has just started producing its own OLED TV variant, called QD-OLED, but the technology is so advanced that it does nothing to bring down the prices of regular OLED TVs.

Emerging Chinese manufacturers producing LCD screens at greatly reduced manufacturing costs have forced LG Display and Samsung Display to focus on making high-end OLED panels of late, with the latter brand ceasing production of its LCD panels later this year. month. (It won't affect Samsung TVs, which will still be mostly LCDs; it's just that Samsung won't make those panels.)

The rise of a new player in the OLED panel market would likely trigger a similar price war that could see more budget TVs show up on top tech shelves as LG and BOE battle it out for the corporate venture as big as Sony.

Would Sony stick with LG's OLED panels if there was cheaper competition? And that would mean cheaper prices for us? (Photo credit: Sony)

Analysis: A new OLED player could mean welcome changes for TV buyers

For the better part of a decade, LG Display was the only game in town when it came to making OLED panels.

Au cours de cette période, the Korean society in favor of enormous progress in the enhancement of image quality and price reduction sued for technology-savvy televisions, faisant des grands OLED televisions a veritable appareil du marché of dough.

However, the emergence of a genuine manufacturing competitor, especially one that seems likely to undercut LG's prices if it makes its way into LG's business, will likely drive down selling prices for panels, which may mean lower prices. for the consumers. It's also likely to encourage further improvements in OLED as competition between the two companies' offerings intensifies.

As a component supplier to Apple, BOE has extensive experience in large-scale component production.

The big question is whether it can deliver the same kind of image quality and manufacturing performance that LG has achieved: OLED panels are notoriously difficult to produce efficiently. Let's hope so, because a price war is the best thing that can happen to cash-strapped moviegoers struggling with cost-of-living increases elsewhere.

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