Cheapest 4K TVs could arrive by the end of

There could be a welcome drop in the price of LCD TVs later this year, as panel prices continue to fall according to a new report, and the effect of the supply chain crisis appears to be waning.

Technical analyst Sigmaintell Consulting (via DigiTimes (Opens in a new tab)) says that LCD panel prices fell again last month, with the price of screens from 32 to 55 inches falling between €2 and €4 extra per year. and 75-inch models drop €8-10 per unit.

The news follows similar declines in the supply price of LCD panels over the previous two months, and the trend has been downward since the end of last year. We've already seen some of the best TVs available today that use LCD panels drop in price in recent months (like the Samsung TV pictured above), even the newest models haven't wasted any time bringing the price down. official.

An LCD panel bought today for production use would be shipping to stores in a few months, so these price cuts could come in time to trigger a particularly juicy wave of consumer discount TVs around Black Friday and Christmas. .

China increasingly dominates LCD display technology manufacturing as South Korean panel makers pull out of the market and move further into OLED production.

However, prolonged Covid lockdown restrictions in major Chinese tech manufacturing districts such as Wuhan have caused a major reduction in the expected global supply of panels, with global TV shipments expected to fall to their lowest since. 2010, according to the market research company Omdia.

The gradual reopening in recent weeks of major Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai from lockdowns now appears poised to help boost output.

Analysis: TV price cuts may provide a timely Christmas present

The possible drop in panel prices will be welcome news for those struggling with the rising cost of living: Many people will avoid big outlays like a new TV, but if you need it, you need it. So we hope this means that anyone who shops can find a good deal, whatever their budget.

UK data from Barclaycard last month showed a slowdown in non-essential spending, while US retail giant Best Buy cut its full-year profit forecast in May due to lower demand for TVs and computers, highlighting the impact of high inflation for 40 years. on the purchasing power of people. .

The price cuts in the report are likely to hit the list price of smaller, entry-level sets, which hopefully means those hardest hit by rising inflation will benefit the most from the discounts.

It's also worth noting that many other factors will affect the final price of TVs, beyond the price of the panels: shipping costs, for example. But the lower cost of parts could mean prices won't go up as much as they would, at least. Everything helps.

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