Mullvad VPN servers have been independently audited, and the results are in

Mullvad VPN servers have been independently audited, and the results are in

Mullvad VPN, one of the best VPN services out there, scored positively in its second independent security audit.

Gothenburg-based cybersecurity consultancy Assured AB confirmed the security of Mullvad's VPN servers as "no leaks or customer data logs were found."

"The setup is healthy and has shown no signs of direct-to-client feedback," the security group concludes in its report (opens in a new tab).

However, some medium and low risk vulnerabilities have been identified around firewall policies and internal monitoring practices that need to be improved to further minimize the possibility of attacks.

Mullvad VPN server audit by Assured AB, no data leaks or customer data logging detected. 22, 2022

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And then?

The Mullvad VPN developers now seem to be busy fixing bugs in their server infrastructure.

Among the improvements, it has already implemented stricter firewall rules to further strengthen protection against malicious intruders. A wider range of credentials has been implemented so that each server and API has its own unique credentials.

In general, the provider is satisfied with the result. "We thank Assured AB for verifying that we have not enabled any customer login to any of our external services.

"As with our last audit, we will strive to conduct audits as close to the year as possible. We are grateful to Assured AB for auditing our servers, they were able to highlight new issues that the previous audit had not."

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For customers, it is important to know whether the security of their data is actively protected. This is why VPN audits by trusted third-party experts are an important practice to protect user security.

By providing independent verification of companies' policies and software infrastructure, they ensure nothing is missing in development and customers are not misled by false marketing messages.

As with Mullvad VPN, these audits also provide an opportunity to detect and fix potential vulnerabilities before they become more serious risks to user privacy.

Mullvad VPN is just one of the big names that has been independently audited. Other providers that do the same include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, and IPVanish.

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