The good news for potential graphics card buyers is that the average price of AMD GPUs has now dropped significantly below MSRP, and Nvidia is poised to do so as well.

That's the conclusion of 3DCenter's regular report (opens in a new tab), which compiles data from leading tech retailers in Germany (and Austria) for AMD RX 6000 and Nvidia RTX 3000 retail prices, comparing them at MSRP.

AMD's current generation graphics cards are now trading at 92% MSRP as of the June 19 report, so they're actually well below the recommended price on average, which is nice to see, and a strong 10% drop (they were at 102% MSRP on May 29, just three weeks earlier).

Nvidia's Ampere GPUs have dropped, but sadly much less, and are now at 102% MSRP, down from 106% three weeks ago. Still, these products are close to their recommended prices now, at least: 2% isn't exactly a majorly inflated price.

Analysis: You should probably wait longer, if you can

Of course, we have to heed the usual caveat here: don't put too much value (pun intended) on a set of numbers. That said, 3DCenter's stat calculation is one of the most consistent and reliable indicators on the graphics card market to consider.

Furthermore, it's also consistent with what we've seen elsewhere lately, such as the observations of falling GPU prices made by Tom's Hardware (opens in a new tab) (which reported this story). And indeed, Tom found prices plummeting like a rock with used graphics cards being auctioned on eBay – it's all part of the great cryptocurrency crash and panic unfolding right now. Which is good news for the consumer looking to buy a GPU for, you know, actual gaming.

Seeing Nvidia's prices not drop at the same rate as AMD isn't much of a surprise, and appears to be driven by demand. Simply put, more gamers are finally looking to buy an RTX 3000 card at a reasonable price, as evidenced by recent rankings from major retailers like Newegg on US models, which is even more dominant than before).

There's a broader sentiment here, though, and it worries more consumers looking at older graphics cards (in many cases) and questioning the wisdom of paying more than the odds (at least for Nvidia GPUs, and still some models). AMD) for these products, while next-gen cards from both companies aren't that far apart, and with Nvidia, perhaps just around the corner.

All of this means it's probably worth waiting longer for better GPU deals to come around again, as it looks like prices will drop even further from here. The 3DCenter price chart for 2022 is a completely downward curve for the full year, and there is no real reason we can conceive of why this won't continue into the future.

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